Globally Vegan in… Cornwall

This week my boyfriend and I went to Cornwall. Travelling always makes me worry about what it is going to be like eating out. My boyfriend calls himself ‘flexitarian’ so eats mostly vegetarian but when we eat out he tends to eat meat. So sometimes it can be hard to chose where to eat.

Eating vegan in Cornwall

However, I found the most perfect restaurant in Cornwall and it did a wide selection of vegan, vegetarian and meat food. It was something for everyone and even had vegan dessert. As you can expect, I fell in love with the place.

The restaurant was called ‘Ohana‘.

For my main I had a vegan cheese toastie which was so tasty. It has been a long time since I have had any kind of cheese toastie so I was blown away by this one.

Eating vegan in Cornwall

I was so impressed with the vegan selection on desserts and I had a chocolate, oreo and ice cream pancake. The ice cream was coconut which I wasn’t the biggest fan of as I don’t like the taste of coconut. However, it still tasted amazing and it was huge- I couldn’t finish it!

Eating vegan in Cornwall

I would highly recommend this place to anyone, the food was so good. It was quite pricey, we spent just under £40 however, for two courses and two drinks it wasn’t bad at all. I would go here again and it is great to know that you can eat something other than jacket potato and beans whilst out! My last post was a mug cake recipe, and I would recommend checking it out if you have a sweet tooth! 

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