5 things I’ve been loving

I thought I would do a post with 5 things that I have been loving recently, and there is an array of things to be seen! I never do monthly favourites because I find it hard to love things/try new things/commit.

NUMBER ONE: Taylor Momsen/The Pretty Reckless

10 things I've been loving recently

This is two favourites, but also just one. I am in love with The Pretty Reckless, their music is so good and they have some amazing songs. If you don’t recognise the name listen to ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ and you’ll know the song. Other songs worth checking out are: Miss Everything, Just Tonight and House on a Hill.Taylor Momsen also comes into this favourite; she is gorgeous and I’ve got a serious crush. AND to top it off The Pretty Reckless have new music coming out!

I am a bit late to the party on this one but recently I’ve been making these whenever I fancy something sweet in the evening. It uses ingredients that I always have in the house so doesn’t cost me a penny. It is also makes me feel like I’m being healthier than going out and buying a pack of oreos which is subjective but hey, I love me some cake!
You can find my mug cake recipe HERE.


5 things I've been loving

I have recently started to use Sudocrem on my face to help calm my spots. I have always had awful skin so I’ve started to put Sudocrem onto my spots before I go to bed and sleep with it on. Every morning I wake up it has definitely helped and calms them down a lot. I’m hoping in a few weeks it will have helped my skin a lot more.  I will keep you updated!

NUMBER FOUR: Gossip Girl

5 things I've been loving

Okay, this one is a secret. I have no idea why I watch this show but I’m five seasons in and can’t stop watching it. This favourite also relates to the first favourite because Taylor Momsen plays Jenny Humphrey so I get to watch her which is a major pro. But now I have no idea why  I’m watching it, but it must be a little bit good.

NUMBER FIVE: Into the Wild (Film)

5 things I've been loving

First point: this film is on Netflix so everyone can pretty much access it. This film is about a young man who hates the world and it’s system, so donates his savings to charity and travels from America (not sure where) to Alaska. I loved this film, not only can I relate to the character but he is living a life that I hope mine is going to fall into. Travel and experience. This film is amazing, and also based on a true story. Watch it and let me know what you think!

Those are my current favourites! I hope you enjoyed reading this- let me know what you have been loving recently. In the meantime why not check out my previous post ‘shit you didn’t know was vegan #6.’

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