Hello and welcome to this Sunday’s blog post. I thought I would post about my new obsession. I’ve always wanted to be that girl who got up early and did yoga and drank my tea.(DISCLAIMER: I’m still not that girl). However, for the past 13 days I have managed to do yoga every. single. day.

For me, this is a big deal. Even when I had my gym phase I never went everyday. Some reasons I have been doing yoga everyday since starting is because:

  1. It make me feel freaking amazing
  2. I can feel myself making progress
  3. I can do it in my PJs
  4. It can be ten minutes, 20 minutes or 40 minutes of my time
  5. It has given me a way to understand and calm my anxiety

To explain the last point, I am a pretty anxious person but yoga has made me a lot more aware of my breathing and if I can feel my heart rate rising I breathe like I should do when practising yoga. I love feeling like I have a sense of control over my body but also my breathing and being able to control my bodies reaction to anxious settings.

The videos that I have been following are by the YouTuber Yoga with Adriene and I have been doing the 30 days of yoga playlist. I have been loving this playlist because the videos are all different lengths and I also love the way she teaches and conducts the videos. She is funny and makes it seem a little less serious, which I think is what put me off doing yoga in the first place- because it never seemed fun.

I have been loving doing yoga everyday for nearly two weeks and I definitely plan to keep up with it. This post goes live as I arrive in Spain where my travels start so hopefully I manage to keep up my yoga whilst travelling!

Let me know if you do any yoga and what some of you favourite videos are. My next post will hopefully been on Wednesday depending on the internet I have available! In the meantime, why not check out my last post about riding a hot air balloon.

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