Globally Vegan in… Tarragona (Spain)

So I started my travels yesterday and I have found myself in Spain, Tarragona. We are here for two nights, three days and are staying in a hostel. Two of those days revolve around travelling meaning we haven’t had very long here.  My grandparents are also here (in Tarragona, not the hostel) so we managed to spend some time with them.

Globally Vegan in... Tarragona (Spain)

The hostel itself is impressive, it is brightly coloured with beautiful balconies and friendly staff. It is around 12£ each a night which is cheap considering the location. The best part is that there is a super friendly tiny ginger kitten, and if you follow me on Instagram (grace_lloydd) you will know that I love not only my cat but all the other cats in the world. (snapchat: grace_lloyd1)

Globally Vegan in... Tarragona (Spain)

Saying that the time that we have spent in Tarragona has been amazing, it is such a beautiful place and has all the best things about going on holiday. And of course, within twenty four hours I had found myself a beautiful vegan restaurant.

The name of the restaurant is El Vergel.

Globally Vegan in... Tarragona (Spain)

When arriving the waiter was friendly and the place was incredibly white and clean. The menu was varied but with only around seven choices. Stupidly, I forgot to take a picture of the menu and my main meal. I ordered a pizza with vegan mozzarella, my Grandad had vegan chorizo, my Grandma had a bean salad and my boyfriend  had mushroom croquettes with vegan cheese dip. I tried everyone’s meal (which was amazing as I never get the chance) and everything tasted gorgeous.

Globally Vegan in... Tarragona (Spain)

The best thing about this restaurant is that everything was vegan so I could order anything. It also meant that I could order dessert!! Dessert is my favourite thing and giving it up was hard to find vegan dessert makes me happy.

Globally Vegan in... Tarragona (Spain)

Not only was the food vegan but it was also delicious, my Grandad loved his vegan chorizo and he is an avid meat lover! If you find yourself in the area, I would highly recommend this place for a great meal and lovely service.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, no matter what country you are in! Tomorrow we move locations to Maella, Spain. Fingers crossed, my next blog post will be on Wednesday as long as I have internet. In the meantime feel free to check out my last blog post about my new found love for yoga!

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