Five tips on how to get skinny FAST and EASY

MY FIRST CLICKBAIT. Sorry, hello and welcome. If you are new here I hope you find this blog post informative and maybe even feel like following this blog afterwards. If you are a regular reader, hello I hope this post is something you enjoy or even helps you. I hope everyone who reads this leaves feeling a little bit happier. 

Instead of this post being about how to become skinny or having the ideal body. It’s about being healthy. Healthy body and healthy mind. 

So, as it turns out I don’t have a magic pill to make you lose weight BUT I do have five tips that can help those who are looking to transition into a more healthier life. I also want to highlight a few points first- you need to accept yourself, otherwise you’ll be fighting a battle you can’t win. Also it is important not to diet. Dieting is always a fad and you might drop weight whilst doing it however, once you stop the weight comes back. You need to adjust your lifestyle- I can’t emphasis this enough but lifestyle change is the permanent change you are looking for. 

Here are five tips that helped me climb out of destructive behaviour when it came to food and body image. 

1. Don’t calorie restrict

Five tips on how to get skinny FAST and EASY

Eat the cake. If you want to eat the cake eat it. I feel like most of us have been there, I know I have. I tried everything when I was younger to lose weight and I now know that none of it was good for me. When you restrict calories it freaks your body out and it doesn’t know how to react- even if the diet claims to trick your body into thinking it isn’t starving.. trust me your body knows its starving. You need to eat properly and fully in order to live and function. I eat three meals a day and have snacks, I know some people eat small seven meals a day but to me that isn’t realistic. Eat three meals a day- mostly vegetables that you love and you will feel great. Also learn to give yourself a break, don’t always eat cake and sugary drinks but allow yourself to enjoy them without guilt. A healthy mind set is what you need for a success body image!

Oh and on a side not. Don’t be afraid of carbs.. carbs are what makes you feel full and satisfied. Eat your carbs.

2. Veganism.. (hear me out)

Five tips on how to get skinny FAST and EASY

Now I know veganism isn’t for everyone (as much as I wish it was) but becoming vegan changed everything for me. First of all, it helped with the above. When your main intake is from fruit and veg it is incredibly hard to overeat and you also need to eat a lot to feel full and satisfied. If you can fit some form of veganism into your life I would highly recommend it, whether its swapping milk for almond milk, making most of your plate vegetables or even going vegetarian, anything can help you have a healthy lifestyle.

3. Regular and frequent exercise

Five tips on how to get skinny FAST and EASY

I never used to be that into exercise however, once I started watching YouTube I got really into exercise and that ‘ideal body.’ I then joined the gym and would create my own workout plans to follow which I loved. I would go to the gym about four times a week for an hour a day but since travelling I’ve not been doing that. I do yoga once a day and it is something that I have been loving, you can see my blog post about it here. I also try and go on walks once a day, I prefer to walk uphill to get my heart rate going but as long as you are moving, that is all that matters. Fit exercise into your daily routine as much as possible, walk or cycle instead of driving! 

4. Stop comparing

Five tips on how to get skinny FAST and EASY

Is this cliché? Maybe but it is so important. Don’t compare your body to all the other girls out there. There are so many body types and you should never set you goal on achieving the ‘dream body’ because that mind set is poisonous. You need to learn to love yourself and your body otherwise the battle will never end, you’ll never lose enough weight, you’ll never be good enough. So here is your daily reminder that you are good enough and your body is amazing and beautiful and it’s okay to want to improve yourself.

5. Drink lots of water 

I thought I would end these five tips with an obvious but important tip to staying healthy.  Drinking water has been proved a million times to help your body function, lose weight, have great skin, great hair, great career success, etc etc. So drink as much as you can- it also makes you feel pumped and refreshed so get that water down you!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and although it may not have had the solution you were looking for, these five tips could really help anyone struggling with their body image. Apologies for this blog post being late- the next one will be scheduled for Sunday as I am travelling to the south of Spain. In the meantime feel free to check out my previous blog post on what is in my backpack.

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