TMI talk: sexuality

First of all, no this is not a coming out post. This is a an open conversation post; so only read this if your mind is capable enough of thinking openly.

So, I have a boyfriend whom I love more than I could ever explain, and I see the rest of my life being with him. I have also only ever been with boys. I’ve drunkenly shared kisses with a few girls but that is to the extent that I have ever ‘been’ with a girl.

However, I also know that I am into girls. I find myself always looking at girls, and I rarely ever do this with males. Maybe this is because I have a boyfriend who I am attracted to so don’t ever look at boys the same. But I do look at girls.

And not just in a ‘she is pretty, I want to be her way’ but in a wow, she is amazing kind of way. I wouldn’t call myself bisexual because I haven’t been with girls and I don’t fall into that category. I don’t think it is right to put a label onto myself when I don’t fit into that cardboard cut out. I’m not going to fit into a little box so that people can work out ‘who I am.’

I wonder if most people may be able to relate to this. You can admire a handsome male, his jaw line and his beard that he keeps scratching whilst he smiles at you but you also find yourself admiring a girls body, the way she dances or her mouth moves when she smiles. I think it’s okay to be able to appreciate the beauty of people regardless of their gender.

I know myself, and my sexuality well enough to know that I see beauty in both guys and girls. That is something that I am okay and comfortable with.  

Maybe you are reading this and never knew that about me, but it’s not a big deal. I appreciate that it is possible to be attracted to anyone regardless of their gender so that’s me.

Let me know in the comments about how you feel- do you relate to this or not? I’m interested to see how everyone else feels! 

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