current five favourites

I could never commit to doing a monthly favourites post so every now and then I post what five of my current favourites are. Here are things that I have been loving recently!

1. Before the Flood

current five favourites

I’m hoping you have heard of this but if not,  it is a documentary recently released by Leonardo DiCaprio and addresses a major problem: climate change. I would recommend that everyone should watch this film, it addresses so many important points and definitely makes me want to change the way I live to never contribute to such a thing.After watching this film I made a few decisions; to stop consuming palm oil (yes that means no more oreos), adopting a more zero waste lifestyle and always trying to be conscious of how I live. These are such small things that so many people could easily make the chance. You can watch it here.

2. Yoga

current five favourites

I am in love with yoga. I wrote a post, previously about it here and I have been doing it at least five times a week since writing that. Due to travelling it is not always possible to do yoga, especially if I am staying in a hostel, for example. To start with I did the 30 days of yoga and I am now doing 30 days yoga camp. However, I also do my own practices and sometimes just do whatever I feel like doing, especially if we have no internet. Doing yoga has been so amazing for me and my body, I am more conscious of how I use it, how I ache or hurt and also being more confident. It is amazing what regular exercise can do! I’m also blown away by how flexible I have become- I can touch my toes!?

3. Face Wash, Pore-fectly Clear

current five favourites

I purchased this face wash when in England because I was looking for a more eco-friendly product that is full of less crap. This one is free from animal ingredients, parabens, mineral oils and sulphate. It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans and it actually states that on the packet, which I love when products do that. This face wash has been amazing for my skin, I barely have anymore breakouts, I still get the occasional spot but nothing like I used to!

 4. Head and Shoulders Shampoo

current five favourites

I found this product in my current hosts bathroom and decided to use it because I love the smell of citrus. After using it I absolutely loved how it made my hair feel, it was so soft- just after one use. I have previously wrote a blog post about a natural shampoo bar that I was using but it is a lot of hard work so I cracked and used a ‘normal’ shampoo. I would love to commit to a completely eco friendly shampoo so I do want to move away from conventional shampoo.

5. Travelling

current five favourites

As you probably know I have been travelling for about seven weeks now and it was one of my only great decisions. I wrote a blog post about my first month travelling and we are currently at our new workaway host. I will write a post about the location next Sunday!  But this place has been an entirely different experience to the last one; there have been other workaways here so we have made new friends, the work has been harder but I’ve also learnt to push myself even when I really don’t want to and we have been for nights out, which have always been interesting!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about my current favourites, out of all of them , I would recommend going travelling if you can;) My next blog post will be a mini review of the place we have spent the past few weeks at and then on Sunday we will be travelling to Australia! My last blog post was a little more personal and talked about sexuality

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