Globally Vegan in… Tabernas

The past two weeks we have been living in Tabernas. Tabernas is a small desert town near Almeria and is well known for having movies filmed there. A lot of spaghetti westerns were filmed here including the good, the bad and the ugly.


The work here was a lot harder than the last place we stayed at. We had to work five hours a day five days a week- so from 9-2 which did kind of suck.But it definitely challenged me and in a good way. I had to work when I didn’t feel like I could and I feel like it made me mentally stronger, to be able to over power how I felt and just get on with the work. It was also rewarding, the people we were staying with were very generous and food and drinks were in surplus.

Meeting  people

There were two other travelers that were also living at this place. It was awesome being able to meet people who were travelling, and had similar ideas to you. We also had some great times and nights with the people who hosted us. I think we found that it is best to stay with people for at least two weeks because then you actually get to know them. The first week is spent working out how to act and what people like and don’t like.

More experiences??

In just two weeks I feel like I’ve tried and done so many awesome things. I went in the ocean in November, went to a strange pub where the bar tender did amazing magic tricks and I have also been sick from drinking too much. I’ve walked miles in the desert and been so exhausted in the desert that I didn’t want to walk anymore. I’ve collected a shit ton of olives and had my foot pissed on by the dog. It has felt so much longer than two weeks and I also feel like I’ve changed so much, I’ve accepted a lot about life and about who I am. I wrote a thing..

‘I think being content means you aren’t imagining being anywhere else. You aren’t yearning for anything, or anyone. It is the comfort of knowing you are exactly where you are supposed to be. That’s not fate, that’s life.’

Or at least that’s what life should be. Feeling this free is a strange but amazing feeling.

I am writing this from Malaga as we leave to Australia on Sunday. I am really excited to see what Australia will bring but also a little bit afraid to fly because of current American decisions. I thought about writing a blog post about that, but I’m pretty speechless.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading his blog post! Tabernas was amazing and I found myself feeling pretty starstruck at times because it is like a mini hollywood. I’m currently on our way to Australia, hopefully I’ll have wifi to blog otherwise I’ll post as soon as possible. My last blog posts were my current five favourites and a nice easy recipe for vegans and meat eaters!

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