First Month in Australia

On 15th November, after 40 hours and one missed flight me and my boyfriend landed in Australia. It was really hot and I was excited because everyone had Australian accents. We spent 3 days in a hostel called the Witch’s Hat and then proceeded to a Workaway job in Nannup, where we still are. So how has the first month been?!

First Month in Australia


First Month in Australia

We arrived in Perth and found ourselves a hostel. I would recommend that you do this before landing in Australia as border control needed an address for where we were staying, which we did not have. We chose a hostel called the Witch’s Hat which was a very nice and pleasant hostel. It was quite and the rooms had six people in which was a nice amount of people. It was also the best shower that I had ever had in a hostel.  The city itself was nice but huge. I am never overly struck on cities as they are all pretty similar. We walked to a place called Lake Monger which was nice to see a bit of wildlife.

First Month in Australia


First Month in Australia

We are currently living in the ‘bush,’ which is Australian for countryside. There are actually a lot of Australian words that I have no understanding of which is weird because they are talking English but a whole other dialect.

Bush Cutter/Whipper Snipper – Strimmer (to cut the grass)

Bush Dunny – outdoor toilet

Op Shop – charity shop/thrift shop

Duna – Duvet

Midi – Half a pint

Crooked – Ill/sick

First Month in Australia

By living in the bush I have had a totally cliché experience of Australia which has been awesome. I see kangaroos on a daily basis, emus, vibrant blue birds (splendid fairy wren), red/blue birds (western rosella) lizards and in my first week I saw 4 poisonous snakes and one baby huntsman spider. The wildlife in the bush is outstanding and beautiful and I am so glad that I have been lucky enough to experience it.

The Australian weather is hot, I am writing this on a day creeping up to forty degrees. However, it also rains a lot and the weather isn’t always warm, which is a good thing. I see the weather as a lot like England but a more pimped up version.


First Month in Australia

We have been staying with our current Workaway host for four weeks and we leave in the beginning on next month. Although I could easily stay here for a lot longer.  We have done some awesome things in the first few weeks, we have built and outdoor kitchen, toilet and chicken coop. All such big and exciting builds that make you feel proud when you are finished.

First Month in Australia

This is another off grid property and I really love it. There isn’t any WiFi here so you either have to walk up the hill to get phone reception and use a hotspot or go into town and use the WiFI in the only cafe that has it. At first it took a while to get used to not having the internet at my fingertips but now its nice to not aimlessly waste my time scrolling through a number of social medias.

First Month in Australia

There is an outdoor shower here which I love. The water is warm and when you shower the weather is more often than not lovely. It is an unexplainable feeling to be washing your hair whilst looking up into the trees and blue sky.


Since landing in Australia it has felt like everything has been running at 100 miles an hour. The second day we were in Nannup we were eating breakfast outside and we turn around as with a huge thud a snake falls from the ceiling. Kangaroos are amazing every time I see them. We have been to a beautiful beach, and I never used to understand people who thought beaches were beautiful but I now do.

First Month in Australia

I have been lucky enough to begin to learn to drive a car on the property, so just private land. Which is a huge deal for me as I hate driving and cars and everything about it. I’m impressed with myself that I have actually pushed myself and I can now move a car on my own.  I’ve also been in two cars when they have broken down in Australia when I have never in my life had that experience.  The second time we ended up stranded on a 70KM road with no phone signal, but 80% of cars stopped to ask if we need help and in the end someone gave us a lift home. It is amazing to find yourself surrounded by so many helpful and friendly people.

OH and vegan food rocks in Australia. Even in smaller towns there is vegan food everywhere- yay!

First Month in Australia

Future Plans

Our plans for the future in Australia are not very vast. We plan to leave our current Workaway in the beginning of January and we have been looking for an apartment and jobs in a town called Margaret River. We plan to stay in that area for 3-6 months and then move on. In that time we want to buy a car and for me to get my learners permit and then drive from the west coast to the east. The last four months that we have on our visa we will spend on the east coast. Rumour has it that is where we can see koalas!

Travelling as a couple?

First Month in Australia

A couple of times people pass comment on travelling with your partner or how it is ‘so much more fun being single whilst travelling.’ All I can say to that is sure, being alone and travelling alone means you can do whatever you want. Have a one night stand? Sure. Choose your destination with no help from anyone? Yeah.  But not once do I find myself wishing I was doing this on my own.  ‘Happiness only exists when shared.’ This quote is a grandiose statement as being alone definitely brings me happiness. However, a lot of the time it is great to share your life and experience with someone. I have loved travelling and even more so because I’ve been doing it with someone who I love. If you want to travel with your partner then do it. You will learn so much about yourself and each other.


First Month in Australia

Being homesick is never a state of existence. You don’t find yourself missing your family all the time but it comes if short bursts. When I think about Christmas it feels odd to not be with my family doing the same thing we do every year. Not being there when my Grandma had an operation was a strange feeling because I felt so out of touch with it all. I love Australia but know I could never live here and be so far away from my family.

Coming to Australia was almost a spur decision but it has been one of my better decisions. Everyday is packed with excitement and fun and I would highly recommend staying in the bush rather than the city if you can.

Thank you for reading this blog post I hope you enjoyed it and it even persuaded you to put Australia on your bucket list. I have a couple of similar blogs like this one: a first month travelling review and my experience in Tabernas.

5 replies to “First Month in Australia

  1. Hello you two X X X,have just been reading your diaries,it looks absolutely fantastic,very envious of the weather.
    It is so nice to see where you have been and all of the amazing scenery.
    Lovely pictures of you both.
    Alls good here,nights are pulling out and we are looking forward to spring.
    Love to you both
    Graham and Sheila X X X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes we are having a great time thank you:) and the weather has been so warm these past few days- it’s strange because to us it’s only February and it should be cold! xxx


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