Quick and Tasty Doughnut Recipe

Okay, so this is kind of a repost. But I have been making these doughnuts a lot recently and they taste so good. Here is my previous blog post but since then I have really upped my doughnut game.

I make the traditional doughnut shape and also doughnut balls, and I have to say the doughnut balls are my personal favourite. They are lot easier to shape, the traditional doughnut never looks too professional.

The doughnut playlist is as:

Container Park – The Chemical Brothers (3:45)

Do it again – The Chemical Brothers (5:33)

Hustle and Cuss – Dead Weather (3:45)

Treat me like your Mother – Dead Weather (4:10)

The Difference Between us – Dead Weather (3:37)

Gravel to Tempo – Hayley Kiyoko (3:31)

Cannons – Youth Lagoon (3:48)

By the time these songs have played not only have you listened to some great music but also the doughnuts are cooked, decorated and ready to eat. And they taste SO good.


50g butter (I used canola but whatever butter you have in will do)

2 tbsp oil

180g self raising flour (you can use plain flour also, no biggie)

50g sugar

Pinch of salt

Toppings: chocolate, jam, sugar, etc.

Step 1

Quick and Tasty Doughnut Recipe

Heat up the butter, milk and 2 tbsp of oil in a pan. In a separate bowl mix the flour, sugar and a bit of salt. Once the butter is melted pour it into the dry mixture. Whenever I do this is always smells amazing, I think it is the butter and sugar combining. The mixture will stay warm the whole time you use it.

Step 2

Quick and Tasty Doughnut Recipe

In the same pan you melted the butter in, fill it with about 2cm of oil. Turn the heat up and wait for the oil to become warm enough. It may pop a little bit from the butter previously melting in the pan. The oil is ready when you can put the end of a wooden spoon in the pan and bubbles for around the edge.

Step 3

Quick and Tasty Doughnut Recipe

Once the oil is ready you can start making your doughnut shapes and placing them in the oil. Either roll them into balls, flatten and poke your finger through or just roll them into balls and pop them in the oil. The self raising flour means that the doughnuts will get bigger in size so bare that in mind when choosing how big to do your doughnuts.

Step Four

Each doughnut should take about 4 minutes to cook. Once both sides are browned (you will have to rotate them in the oil) take them out and place on some kitchen roll. Keep cooking until you no longer have any mixture left.

Step Five

Quick and Tasty Doughnut Recipe

Whilst the doughnuts cool down prepare your decorating station. I love chocolate, jam and sugar doughnuts. It is best to put the sugar in a bowl and roll the doughnuts around to get them fully covered.  For the chocolate I melt it and one tablespoon of butter and then roll one side of the doughnut in the mixture. But cover them with whatever you wish. I did experiment with some peanut butter however, that did not seem to work so well.

And there you have it. Super tasty and easy to make doughnuts. I love this recipe and have recently found myself making them at least once a week. Have a go at making these and let me know what you think! I love baking and its been a while since I posted any baking recipes- I’ll definitely try and do more! My next blog post will be Christmas related (eep!) and my previous blog post was about my first month in Australia.

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