to my sixteen year old self..


it is definitely not as bad as you think.

be nicer to your mum-

she is your oldest best friend.

don’t kiss boys so that people will like you

say no.

you don’t owe him anything.


dance more.

the way you body swings will light a fire in your heart

and your heart is one of your greatest qualities.


please eat.

your hips are not as big as you think.

listens to people’s advice but then do what you want anyway.

sometimes your mistakes are your greatest achievements.

your friends will make you cry

and one day you will realise they were never your friends in the first place.

love yourself,


accept your face because it is not going anywhere

drink lots of water

and learn to not paint it everyday.

call your dad

visit your dad

we all have our own battles so don’t be too hard on him.

don’t take anyone for granted.

kiss him

kiss her

do it

good luck.


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