what I eat in a day!

How can I call myself a vegan blogger if I have never done ‘what I eat in a day,’ it seems like a right of passage.

A mini life update, which also effects my food is that I got a job in kebab shop. I’m sure there are many vegans who couldn’t do this but I need the money whilst travelling through Australia so I cannot be fussy. You can eat food at work, which means I’ll (probably) be eating a lot of deep fried vegan foods, or salad kebabs. So the health rating some days may not be so great.

For breakfast today I had two weatabix crushed up with a few sultanas sprinkleled over the top and almond milk. I also had a banana with peanut butter on top. The portions of my breakfast always changes on how hungry I am and if I’m working at 12, so I know that I will be having a late lunch. Some days I skip the banana or have extra weatabix.

what I eat in a day

For lunch today I had leftover chilli that I made the day before to take to work. We have just moved so I don’t have anything fancy to use like herbs and spices. But I added the chilli to wraps with hummus and spinach. I had two of these and they filled me up and tasted pretty good!

what I eat in a day

For tea I ate at the kebab shop. I tried to keep it reasonably healthy so had a flat bread with lettuce,  onion, tomato, olives and jalapeños with satay sauce. I had a side of chips as I cannot survive without a good portion of carbs!

what I eat in a day

There you go, that was what I ate yesterday. I don’t count calories, or do high carb low fat, I just eat what I want and make healthy decisions most of the time. This works wonders for me as there are no restrictions.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and may even inspire some food ideas for yourself. I always tend to eat very basic as I’m not the best cook and I also like my food fast- I don’t have the patience to wait over 30 minutes for food. I will try and do a ‘what I eat in a day’ every few weeks! My last blog post was a tmi talk and before that a small poem ‘to my sixteen year old self.’

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