top ten songs everyone should have in their playlist

Travelling means that I listen to a whole lot of music. Planes, trains, buses, waiting games and times when I just want to chill. Listening to all this music has definitely made me realise what songs I love and put a smile on my face when they come on. I have so many more than 10 but lets say these are my current ten favourite songs. I’ve also tried to vary the artist, so there are 10 songs and 9 artists. So lets get on with it. For each song I’ve attached my favourite lyrics, or favourite part of the song. In no particular order:
1. Trees – Twenty One Pilots

‘Na na na na na na x6

Hello, Hell-o, Hello’

(lol that’s my fav part)

Recently, these guys have been making a breakthrough and becoming really well known. Me and my brother have loved this band for a while, their music is so passionate and they tend to have these ‘screamy’ songs that give you goosebumps.Not like scremo but more like someone shouting at you. And you can dance to it. It’s great.

2. The Ballad Of Me and My Brain – The 1975

top ten songs everyone should have in their playlist

‘Would you sign an autograph for my daughter Laura, because she adores you but I think you’re shit.’

If you know me, then you were definitely expecting this. The 1975 are my all time favourite band and I love so many of their songs. This song is great and personal and the artists voice sounds amazingly heartbreaking in this song. The vocals that begin the song give me goosebumps. This is a loud headphone song.

3. Intro/Set 3 – The 1975

‘Well I thought I’d see you around but your dead now.’

Surprise, another The 1975 song. I’m pretty proud of myself for only having two of their songs, I could make this whole post about them. But I love their older music like this song, which is very instrument base with less words and the words used are used like intsruments- if that makes sense? Probably a song you are better to listen to than have me explain it. The song isn’t about death, it’s a metaphor for growing up.. I think.

4. Signs – Bloc Party

‘At your funeral I was so upset.’

I could listen to this song forever on repeat. it is such a beautiful song. It is about the death of a partner and every time I listen to it I have this image of someone having to process the death of their loved one. The lyrics are so simple, it isn’t full of metaphor which is what makes it so relatable.  The twinkly instruments are perfect. Given the right mood, its a song that could make you cry.

5. Purple Stains – The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

‘To finger paint is not a sin, I put my middle finger in your monthly blood is what I win.’

I love the guys voice so much in this sing. It’s almost like speaking and not singing. It is also pretty rude as you might be able to guess. But check it out, it’s a great sounding song.

6. Milk – Kings of Leon

‘She has problems with drinking milk and being school tardy. She’ll loan you her tooth brush, she’ll bartend your party.’

The Kings of Leon’s album Aha Shake Heartbreak is their greatest album ever. His voice is incredible and even more unique than it is now. It’s a very simple song but I love it.

7. Girl I want 2 Eat U – Die Antwoord

‘Ntombazane, ngifuna ukudla nawe’

This song is brilliant. It’s hilarious because it’s about head. I love this band. They sing about whatever they want and although this song may sound odd it’s a great song with great music and even lyrically, it’s great!

8. Since You’re Gone – The Pretty Reckless

‘Since you don’t want to try things I wanna try. Since you’ve been gone, my life has moved along, quite nicely actually.’

This is another one of my favourite bands.  I love so many of their songs it was hard to choose just one, but I did and I picked one thats about a breakup that was ‘good.’ The song is really empowering and doesn’t promote the message of staying in a difficult relationship like most songs seem to do these days. The singer has such an amazing voice, I could listen to them all day.

9. Someone Great- LCD Sound system

‘When someone great is gone.’

Weirdly enough, this is another song about death. LCD Sound System create some amazing songs and you should check out their album ‘Sound of Silver.’ But this song isn’t about a particular death, just the idea of losing someone. Really worth checking out!

10. Is there somewhere? – Halsey

‘I’m sorry but I fell in love tonight.  I didn’t mean to fall in love tonight. You’re looking like you fell in love tonight. Could we pretend that we are in love?’

I’ve been a long time Halsey and love all the music she puts out. This song is one of her oldest and I love the imagery imagery creates, it’s also a nice dance song.

And those are my top ten songs that everyone has to listen to. Let me know in the comments what some of your favourite songs are! My previous blog post was a what I eat in a day 🙂

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