vegan, gluten free, raw food, sugar free.. where do I draw the line?

The other day I spent three hours at the library.

I read about yoga. I read ‘Do you have the guts to be really healthy?’ and a book on transitioning into a raw food diet.

I left the library feeling very overwhelmed.

I left the library with the knowledge that sugar (sucrose), undoubtedly is bad for you. So I thought, hey, I should give that up. I shouldn’t eat something that is linked with all these illnesses and diseases.

I left the library knowing that much like dairy, the human body cannot process gluten. And again I thought that yes, I should give up unnatural foods. Why put these foods into my body if my body cannot process them?

Then after reading a little of the raw food book, I thought yes. Of course. It makes sense that a  family managed to get rid of all their illnesses because they switched to a raw food diet. Why am I not doing this?

Why am I not treating my body like a god damn temple?

Fueling it with only the very best.

And then I went home. Mind made up. I was going to become the ultimate image of health. Give up everything I love. Sweets. Crackers. Butter. Pasta.

But then.. but then I would be restricting everything that I put into my body. I couldn’t have a cheeky pack of biscuits every now and then. No buttered pasta when I’m too lazy to cook a meal. What would I order out at a restaurant? 

And that’s when I realised. I don’t need to be on any of these stupid, strict rule diets. I learnt a lot from these books and something I realised was that as long as I find a balance that works for me and my body then that is fine. 

If I was at home, not travelling, I would maybe do Raw Till Four. I would eat raw because I would be able to afford to, now, I cannot not. Being able to go sugar free, gluten free, raw, whatever, it is a privilege. Right now I don’t have the privilege to choose. If I’m living with someone and they cook me a meal, I eat it.

Yes, I’m vegan. I was a very good strict vegan but then after reading all these books I ate some (a tiny piece [of]) cheese. I was at work (kebab shop) where we have ZERO vegan stuff. I don’t have much money at the moment so I get to eat here for free. Which consequently means, not so vegan, as there is milk powder in everything. 

I am vegan. Yes. I never want to contribute to animal cruelty, I believe that it is the best diet for me and the planet. That being said, at work, when the food is free I do eat by-products such as milk powder. Maybe to some I am less vegan but I am not creating a demand for animal products (in my eyes) as the food is free. 

Yesterday, I bought some iced donoughts and I am so glad I allowed myself the privilege of eating them. Because it makes me happy to eat tasty food. They were vegan as well, which doubled my pleasure. 

Everybody wants you to eat their way. And sometimes forget that not everyone is built the same. What works for one person may not work for another.

So, I think the key is finding what works for you. If you hang out with people who share the same diet that’s amazing, it means you always fit in and don’t feel out of place or like you are missing out. And sometimes, I think we need to think more about our own mental health.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.  What sort of diet do you follow, if any? My previous blog post was 10 songs that everyone needs in their playlist. Thank up for reading!:) 

8 replies to “vegan, gluten free, raw food, sugar free.. where do I draw the line?

  1. I have celiac disease so no gluten wasn’t a problem when going into a raw vegan diet.I’m also allergic to milk so that was easy.Also I don’t like eggs.Lastly meat was harder but totally worth it for my mind,body,and soul!!😇😇

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    1. giving up meat was so easy for me alongside milk and eggs! but it was things like cakes and cream that I miss the most but you’re right, it feels great for your body giving up what it doesn’t like 😊

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