what I did for my birthday 2017

Yesterday, I turned 22. And I had a really, really great day. I spent the past few weeks trying to think of things to do, planning to go to a circus festival or caves or anything. But then my boyfriend had to work and I was mad. Because at least, to me , and the way I have been brought up, birthdays are a big deal.

After a few hours of being frustrated I realised, I didn’t need to do anything amazing or expensive to have a great day. It would be my first birthday where for the most of it I would be on my own.

The simplicity of yesterday was what made it great. There was no pressure to entertain everyone,  choosing a restaurant where everyone liked the food and no stress. The only person  I had to keep happy, was me. And if I’m honest, I am pretty easy.

So, what did I do? It began the night before where Adam picked me up from work and we went to the beach. We got home and there was cake and presents on the table. Apparently, I HAD to open two that night and the rest on the actual day of my birthday.

what I did for my birthday 2017

It was breakfast! If you know anything about me, you’ll know one of my main passions in life is chocolate milk.

The morning of my birthday I woke up to cereal and chocolate milk in bed. And then Adam left for work and I had the rest of the day to myself. I did my yoga routine, spent twenty minutes swishing coconut oil around my mouth and then packed a rucksack with all the supplies I would need for a 10 km walk in 30 degrees heat.

Then I set off to the beach. It was a long, hot walk but incredibly enjoyable. I saw things that I would never see in the car and I enjoyed my own company of just walking and observing. Just before I got to the beach,  I stopped at a little cafe and grabbed a cabbage salad and smoothie. To my delight, it was super cheap so I demolished it, stole some free WiFi and continued on my way.

what I did for my birthday 2017

Arriving at the beach was an amazing feeling. Going from stuffy hot heat to a cool sea breeze down my back. I felt a real, organic happiness. I set up camp, towel out and took a little dip in the sea.

what I did for my birthday 2017

I spent the next two hours listening to music and sunbathing. I have actually started to sunbathe topless (I’m not even sure who I am becoming anymore) but it is so empowering to be like ‘yeah I got boobs and no, I don’t want tan lines.’ So yeah, if you wanna chill with your boobs out I highly recommend going for it.

what I did for my birthday 2017

(It is quite hard to take  a picture of yourself at this angle, HA)

what I did for my birthday 2017

Afterwards, Adam drove down and met me on the beach and brought ciders. Another 30 minutes and we left so I could find another cafe to use WiFi to call all my family and get all my birthday wishes covered.

what I did for my birthday 2017

We then went  to the video store and rented DVDs and the best part was that because it was my birthday he let me have them for free. Which I thought was so amazing and nice and really made me feel like everyone is great little souls. We then went and picked up an Indian to go home and chill out.

what I did for my birthday 2017

We watched The Giver whilst demolishing vegetable korma followed by cake and ice cream. And that was it. My simple but perfect day.

I thoroughly enjoy being 22.

what I did for my birthday 2017

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed hearing what I got up to! My previous blog post was 5 small ways to cut down on plastic consumption 🙂

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