Australia Diaries: Jewel Cave

Last week, I decided that once a week me and my boyfriend should do something touristy and fun. We do a lot of work and chilling but sometimes I feel like we miss out on doing actual travel things by just getting caught up in it all.

This week we went to Jewel Cave. This is in a town called Augusta which is a beautiful harbor town.

Australia Diaries: Jewel Cave

We sporadically decided to go check out this cave as we actually live near Caves Road which, funnily enough, has a lot of caves on it. Adam chose this one because it was the biggest but I had no idea what to expect. I’d never been to a cave before.

We arrived and paid $20 each which was really reasonably priced, in fact we arrived with two minutes until the last tour, so I felt like it was just meant to be!

We walked down a long set of stairs into the cave and as you walk in there is an incredible view.

Australia Diaries: Jewel Cave

I’ll add a collection of pictures as there isn’t really much I can say other than it was really, really amazing. I also learnt about stalagmites (is made from the ground up) and stalactites (hangs from the ceiling). He told me a lot more but honestly, I suck at retaining information so here are some unexplained pictures.

Australia Diaries: Jewel CaveAustralia Diaries: Jewel Cave

Australia Diaries: Jewel Cave

If you you ever find yourself in Western Australia take your time to go to one of the amazing caves that are on Caves Road. I was blown away by the beauty and I would go again in a heart beat.
I hope enjoyed the first of my many Australia diaries series. Hopefully, I’ll be publishing one around once a week but when we begin our road trip in a few months I promise to have many exciting posts about things we get up to. In the mean time you can check out my last two blog posts, one was about what I got up to for my 22nd birthday and the other was how you can help reduce your plastic waste! 

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