Australia Diaries: John Forrest National Park

On Sunday evening we began our road trip from the west to the east Australia. We began by going North to drop off a friend back in Perth. Although it doesn’t make the most sense it meant we got to spend some time in Perth to see and do things. 

So, on Monday we went to John Forrest National Park. We didn’t choose to go here for any particular reason but just wanted to see something whilst in Perth. It was about an hour drive from the centre of Perth and cost 12$ per car entry. There were 4 of us in the car so at 3$ a head, it was really cheap. 

We followed the orange track which boasted a waterfall and old tunnel. Unfortunately, a waterfall in the middle of an Australian summer was lacking in a lot of water, however, it was pretty cool. 

Here are some pictures:

Australia Diaries: John Forrest National Park

Australia Diaries: John Forrest National Park
where the waterfall would have been!

The picnic area here was great and had grills where you could cook your own food with plenty of picnic benches. I loved our little trip here, the walk was beautiful and the weather was perfect. If you are ever in the area, it is definitely worth checking out!

I hope you enjoyed my second Australia Diaries, the first one was about Jewel Cave. This blog post may not be the best quality as my laptop broke so I have to do this on my phone. I am aiming to sort myself out a new laptop soon though, so all shall be good soon!

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