Australia Diaries: Margaret River

Last week we left Margaret River for good. We lived there for about 7 weeks and they were interesting for sure. We moved into a property near the town center which started off great.
The landlady was quirky and interesting, but she unfortunately turned out to be far more quirky then we thought and we have had a lot of trouble from her. Which is unfortunate to say the least, but lets not dwell.

Me and Adam both got jobs. I worked as a wedding waitress and in the local kebab house and Adam also worked in the kebab shop, which was great. Both of these jobs I loved and enjoyed, the best part normally being the staff I was working with.

After 6 weeks of living here our landlady pushed us too far so we gave our notice and decided to move out into our car. We then continued to work our jobs for another week when it came to us, what are we staying for? And, I am not the working type. I hate working. I hate having a boss, even if they are nice. I think, once the excitement of the first few weeks in a new job is over it does just become a job. Something you are doing to pay the bills and that’s not what I came travelling for.
I know I am probably not living in a sensible way, I am not the best financially but I always have, and always will put my happiness above anything. I stopped being happy, so I moved on.

Australian Diaries: Margaret River

So, let’s talk more about the town itself. For those of you visiting Margaret River or looking for things to do here are ten tips:
1. The huge car park behind Settlers Tavern is a great place to park your campervan/the car you are sleeping in. It is free and there are toilets (although these close around 8/9pm and reopen 7/8am).
2. Settlers Tavern is the best place to go for a night out. Everyone will be there, trust me.
3. Kappadokia Kebab is the best place to go after all the drinking is done (and I am not being biased at all.. okay, maybe a little bit).
4. Prevelly Caravan Park is the cheapest paying camp site area at $19 per person on an unpowered site.
5. Coles is cheaper than Woolworths.
6. But Woolworths stocks vegan iced finger buns..


Australia Diaries: Margaret River

7. NEVER EVER EVER rent a bedroom/cabin on Tunbridge Street.
8. The rotary camp area is brilliant; it has grills, benches and water. Everyone goes there for birthday parties and most nights there is a food truck outside.
9. It is really hard to get a job if you arrive in January as the competition is high.
10. You can use the swimming pool/showers at the leisure centre for $5.70 per person.

Let’s move on to beaches. There are beaches everywhere around Margaret River. You can go North or South and you will find a beach. Here is a rundown of the ones we visited:


Australian Diaries: Margaret River

We always went here. It is a great swimmers beach with very little waves and there is also the cafe, although slightly expensive it does have free WiFi, showers and toilets.
Also, take the time to go up the hill, look at the view and then climb and explore the area. There are crazy caves and also your private beach if you find it! I find the best part of the beaches is the places that you uncover on your own.

A huge beach, that whenever we went was always deserted. So if you fancy having the beach to yourself check out this one. Once you walk past all the rocks, you get to a beautiful white sand and blue ocean beach. All my pictures of this beach are on my camera which I can’t access at the moment but I promise it is such a gorgeous beach!

Australian Diaries: Margaret River

Okay, not a beach but a harbour town. It is also really beautiful so on a cooler day it is worth the drive all the way down south to check it out. We also went to the water wheel which is near the lighthouse and climbed a few rocks around this area, it was such a beautiful place.


Australian Diaries: Margaret River

When we visited Gracetown we didn’t actually go on the beach but went for a walk around and found a beautiful area where you could look out for miles.
Eagle Bay

Australian Diaries: Margaret River

I was saving the best till last. This is hands down, the most beautiful beach I have been to so far. It is miles of white sand and turquoise ocean. I honestly felt like I was in a little paradise. And even on a Saturday there were very few people around. If you are ever near the Dunsborough area this beach is definitely worth the visit.

Whilst we were in Margaret River we had one proper toursity day out which was to go to Jewel Cave. I wrote a previous blog post about it here but I absolutely loved this place, I had never been inside a cave before so I was blown away the whole time we were in there.


Australia Diaries: Margaret River

Another must do in Margs is to go to one of the many vineyards and do some wine tasting. I did this once at Stella Bella and although it is fun I always feel pressured to buy the wine, which is why I have only done it once. My budget for wine is a lot smaller than vineyard prices, although they aren’t too expensive I prefer my wine around $4!

I think that sums up my experience in Margaret River. It honestly, wasn’t too exciting because we were working a fair bit however, this town is the reason we can afford to drive all the way to the east coast so I am very grateful. It was a great experience living here and I loved living so close to such beautiful beaches. It is a great town for work, especially vineyard work if you are looking for your second year visa. This also means you meet so many people who are travelling and its a great town for making friends!


Australia Diaries: Margaret River


I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful or at least insightful and it shows what I have been up to. My previous Australia Diaries was about John Forrest National Park. We are currently at a town near Albany and are planning our journey to the East Coast with our next stop being Esperance. Being back on the road means I have so much to write about- it is just about finding that free WiFi! That is all for now I think, be kind and I’ll catch you in a few days. stay kind 

Let’s connect, you can find me on instagram or add me on snapchat grace_lloydd1:)



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