Australia Diaries: Torbay

Torbay was the first place that we stopped on our travel to the east coast. The reason we ended up stopping at this tiny town was because we found a Workaway that looked like it would suit us perfectly. It required 5 days of 5 hours gardening and in exchange you got food and accommodation. And in this case the accommodation was an old railway carriage which was so beautiful.

Australian Diaries: Torbay

Australian Diaries: Torbay

Australian Diaries: TorbayGetting to live here for 7 days was luxury, you can actually find this place to rent on Air BnB. There is zero phone signal and no WiFi here so the place is treated like a digital detox. And I loved every minute of it. You are surrounded by the bush and it isn’t unlikely that you will see kangaroos. There are birds everywhere and their calls are the only noise to be heard for miles.

Whilst we were here we actually managed to get in a lot of sight seeing. We went to the tree top walk, greens pool, cosy corner and had days out in Albany and Denmark. It was great having time and being able to sight see in one area. I had such a great week and loved working in the mornings and having my afternoons free to get out and see things.

As the property we were staying on didn’t have WiFi we drove to the nearest towns Denmark and Albany to get WiFi. The library in Albany had 2 hours free WiFi which was great and in Denmark there was an amazing cafe that had free WiFi. It was called Raven’s Coffee (WiFi passord: ravenscoffee) and it has a great selection of juices, smoothies and even raw vegan cakes which were so delicious. Writing about them makes me want to run back and get some of that raw fudge immediately. 

Cosy corner was the local beach and it was beautiful.

Australian Diaries: Torbay

We got to this part of the beach by 4WD as it would have been impossible any other way. We spent a really great afternoon here with the family we were staying with. We got there about 4pm and spent half an hour swimming around in the ocean which was surprisingly warm, probably the warmest I have ever felt the ocean. Afterwards we stayed and had a BBQ which was lovely. The view a this beach is incredible, being able to see the island so close is mesmerising and I would have loved to go out and check it out.

We also went to a place called Green’s Pool which is now my current favourite beach. It was so beautiful. There was a rock formation out in the ocean which created the feeling of a pool secluded from the rest of the ocean. The people hosting us leant us some snorkels so that we could check out the area. Adam went out a lot further than me as I got a little panicky as it was deep and I am still getting used to swimming in the ocean with all it’s little friends!Australian Diaries: Torbay


The afternoon we spent in Albany was really great as we managed t fit in lots of sight seeing. We first went to see The Gap and Natural Bridge which were both spectacular with beautiful views of the ocean for miles. The Gap made my stomach turn as you stood out on a platform that overhung the cliff but it was worth it to see how blue the ocean was as it crashed into the cliffs.

Australian Diaries: Torbay

(I look terrified because it was terrifying)

Australian Diaries: Torbay

After that we went to check out a sign that said ‘blowholes’. When we arrived the notice board said the chances of blowholes depended on the weather and the swell of the ocean. It didn’t seem likely for us but we went to check it out anyway. Once we got there is was amazing standing on the cliff and seeing nothing but miles and miles of ocean. On a good day you can see Antarctica.



Australian Diaries: Torbay

The people that hosted us for the week were amazing and so generous. In the evenings we would all eat together and spend time together. I am so glad that we decided to spend time in the tiny area of Torbay and it is a place that I shall never forget!

Thank you for reading this blog post, spending time in Torbay was lovely and there was just so much to write about, I could go on and on about how much I love this place. We are currently making our way to the Nullarbor which I am so excited for. It is a long stretch of secluded road in the Southern Territory. I will be writing all about it once I come out the other end! I have been pumping out lots of Australian Diaries, with the past three being Tree Top Walk, Margaret River and John Forrest National Park. Thanks for reading, stay kind 

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