Australia Diaries: Heirisson Island

Two weeks ago we spent a few nights in Perth. I am always a bit sceptical of cities because they are all pretty much the same and I hate the busy, hecticness of it all. But we had a great time exploring Perth for the few days we were there and I even managed to touch a kangaroo, in the city, that wasn’t in a zoo.

About a month before a friend posted a picture of her touching a kangaroo and I lost my shit because since arriving in Australia kangaroos have been my all time favourite animals. I think its because they are so unlike any other animal I have seen. Unless you can say they look like rabbits, which they kind of do. But I was told they went to a place called Heirisson Island.

As soon as I knew we were spending some time in Perth I had to get myself to this island. Weirdly enough it is actually in the centre of Perth and I couldn’t work out who was there first the humans or the kangaroos.

We had to go threw some gates on the island so in a way the kangaroos were captive because they could not leave this island. But that may be for the best because kangaroos and cars are a terrible mix. To get onto the island was free and there was a car park near by that was also free so this is definitely a day out for those on a budget! 


We had to walk around the island and see if we could find them as it was daytime and they are nocturnal creature.s After walking for about 10 minutes we found them and I was actually pretty nervous.

They were just laying on their sides and were pretty chill around humans as I guess they have seen a lot in their life. But they were also pretty intimidating as they had the longest claws I have ever seen and I did not want to upset them just because of how dangerous they looked!

But they were also really amazing to see so close. I managed to let one sniff me and then I pulled back because I was still slightly afraid! But they are such great creatures. This once had a clef lip of some kind and was just so adorable. Their faces do look a lot like rabbits with the big ears, that is for sure.

Here are all the pictures we took:








I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I would highly recommend visiting this island if you are ever in Perth. I actually met people in Perth who had never heard of this island so it is definitely off the beaten track! I am also pretty confident that even though there are bars it is for the animals safety over keeping them captive as there is only five kangaroos but it is worth doing more research into. This will be a scheduled post as we should be coming to the end of the Nullarbor Plain which is exciting because it means we have covered a lot of ground to get to the east coast. In the mean time why not catch up on the rest of the Australia Diaries: Margaret River, Tree Top Walk, Torbay and John Forrest National Park. stay kind 

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