Roadtrip: Albany to Adelaide

On the 4th March we left our beautiful WorkAway in Torbay and began our road trip to the east coast. When we set off we have no real goal. No time frame and no destination. We left with the intention to drive and stop when we got there. ‘There’ being anywhere.

Once we left Torbay began our drive to Esperance, approximately five hours drive. This took a bit longer for us as we stopped at Bremer Bay. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great so we didn’t go for a swim but it was a beautiful place.

Road trip: Albany to Adelaide

We then decided to head to a place called Lake King instead of directly to Esperance as we were on a 80 km detour along dirt roads meaning our average speed was about 40km, so decided to treat ourselves to a camp site. It was a super cheap spot at only 10$ per person so spent a night there. We went to the pub and got a drink, which are the cheapest drinks we have bought so far! I also dip dyed my hair which I really loved and was the main reason I was glad we got a campsite!

Road trip: Albany to Adelaide

We then continued our journey the next morning and arrived in Esperance later on that day. Once we got there, we pulled into a McDonalds to use the free WiFi and found a place to camp. The problem with big town/cities is that there is no free camping areas and you generally get fined if you are camping in non designated camping spots. We found a place called Bather’s Paradise but before going there we went for a drive to find a beach. I think we beach we landed on was called Fourth Beach and it was so beautiful. The waves were pretty strong which meant I wasn’t so keen on going in the water but Adam loved it.

Road trip: Albany to Adelaide

On our second day in Esperance we decided to do the Great Ocean Drive and stopped off at many of the beaches on the 50km drive.

Salmon Beach

Road trip: Albany to Adelaide

Road trip: Albany to Adelaide

This was the first beach we stopped at and it was less beachy and quite rocky but we decided to climb up these rocks that were at the side of the beach and walk around. It was amazing climbing that high and being able to see so much ocean. It was a little scary as the waves crashed against the rocks below us. We were able to see another beach that was next to Salmon Beach- it was great being so high.

Twilight Beach


This beach was as great as it sounds. It was beautifully blue and was a popular place to go. There was also ‘the rock with the hole in it’ which was out about 150m out in the sea so we decided to swim to it. This was a huge thing for me because I am pretty scared of the ocean. On our way out I got completely wiped out by a huge wave which was horrible but I pushed through and swan all the way which I was really proud of. The ocean was so blue it was mesmerising. On our exit Adam jumped off the rock but I couldn’t stomach it. It was far to high and the water although beautiful was still scary. We swam back which was really tiring and continued our drive to the next beach.

Observatory Point


We stopped here next and it of course, provided a brilliant view.

Ten Mile Lagoon
We made his our next and last beach as it was getting really hot. I’m not really sure what a lagoon is and this beach didn’t make it obvious either. But it was desserted so I read and chilled out here for about 20 minutes before we decided to drive onwards to the pink lake.

Pink Lake
The lake was unfortunately not pink at all and was basically, just a lake. I am sure there is some kind of science to this but was unfortunate as there are a few pink lakes around and we hadn’t seen one yet.

And that was the end of our ocean beach drive. We went home and relaxed, making the most of having a camp site to chill at.

On the 7th we planned to continue our journey and head to Norseman, the beginning the the Nullarbor Plain. However, we had to begin by going to the mechanic as Harry had been leaking coolant everywhere. We found a great mechanic who fixed it immediately for us and didn’t over charge. For 30 minutes and 40 dollars Harry was fixed up and we went on our way to Cape Le Grand and Lucky Bay. We did plan on camping here and spending the night, however, we forgot to take cash out which was pretty gutting. Whilst here we also climbed Frenchmen’s Peak which wasn’t too high but such a beautiful hike with great views.


2017_0307_085821_00120170307_170801But we spent an hour or so at Lucky Bay which was a beautiful beach. With really hard and squeaky sand. There are kangaroos on this beach but because we went in the day we didn’t see any unfortunately.

We arrive into Norseman late at night and managed to find a car park to spend the night sleeping.


The next day the main part of our journey began. We were pretty excited to drive the Nullarbor because it had no towns, just roadhouses and a hell of a long road. Whilst we were driving this long stretch we spent most of the day driving. This part of the journey was a lot of kms, music, roadhouse food and drinks and talking. But I really enjoyed this part. It was great being able to get some ground covered and feel like we were making way to the East coast. I also love stopping off at the roadhouses. I consumed a lot of veggie burgers and chips. It was great!

Then our journey went pretty simple as:

Norseman –> Moodini Bluff (553 km)
Moodini Bluff –> Rest area past Yalata (433k km)
Yalata –> rest area near Port Lincoln (615 km)
Port Lincoln –> Cowell (162 km)
Cowell –> Adelaide (491 km)

Total KMs = 2254 km

We decided to go down the coast instead of following the Nullarbor so that we could see a few sights. We did toy with the idea of getting a ferry to Adelaide, however, by the time we got to Cowell it wouldn’t have made much different time or money wise so decided to continue the drive.


We stopped off at Smokey Bay which was deserted so I went to for a little swim because it was a hot day and Harry not having air con was making the journey painful. We then went to Streaky Bay and walked along the little pier. This is where we saw that there was a swimming pool in the ocean. That is, an area next the pier fenced off so that people could use it to swim in. We stayed here for about an hour and it did take me a long time to jump in because it was really high and my fear of the ocean was strong. But I did it and it was great.

Once we got to Cowell we found a cheap campsite at $25 for a powered site. We stayed here for two nights and it was nice to take a break from all the driving we had done. I loved this caravan park, it was a combination of the people and the pool. The weather was pretty terrible but it didn’t matter and was welcomed a little bit after long hot days of driving. We spent a lot of time in the pool which was really nice and warm because they covered it at night. I was a little sad to leave but excited to make it to Adelaide.

Whilst in Cowell we decided that we probably needed to get jobs due to the lack of money that we now had. All the money we had managed to save and make in Margaret River was running dry. We looked on GumTree in Adelaide and there was an advert for strawberry packing. The wage didn’t look great as it was done on he work you did, not by hour. But the idea of working a very basic job with little commitment sounded good to us. We messaged the person and they got back to us saying to come in the next day at 7:30. And that was that. Our first job in Adelaide sorted.

On the drive to Adelaide we came across an amazing pink salt lake which was really amazing because we kept hearing stories of pink lakes but never saw one.



We arrived in Adelaide at around 7pm that evening and pulled into a caravan park where we are still staying now. We spent the past five days working long shifts and trying to master the art of working with strawberries. Adam is a picker and I am a packer. The better you get at the job the more money you make. So we have both been trying to get fast at what we do to bring the most money. We have been doing this whilst living at a really great campsite about thirty minutes away from our job. There are great facilities, nice people and very cold pool, which is great for the hot weather.

So far, we haven’t experience much of Adelaide. But we plan to stay here for a few weeks until we’ve managed to save up a little bit of money and move on. And that is what we have been up to the past two weeks.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed this mini life update/road trip post. It has been a great couple of weeks with each day never really knowing where you will end up. Living this way brings freedom in all forms. My previous blog post was a tasty lunch idea and of course, one of my Australia Diary.

stay kind 

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