Two- Bit Villain: Adelaide Cafe

This weekend we decided to take a trip into Adelaide as we hadn’t been into the city yet. We got the train and arrived about half 12 in the town. I did a quick search on my phone for vegan cafes and this was the first one to pop up and it was close to us so we went to check it out. When we arrived we looked at the menu and it was so exciting seeing al the options that they had. We seated ourselves and decided to go sit out on the balcony that overlooked the city and shops. We were lucky enough to be sitting out there as a busker set up so we got to watch him play music which was really nice.


Reading the menu was amazing. It has been a long time since I have been spoilt for choice at a restaurant and I really was. Everything was vegetarian and it was possible to make anything vegan or gluten free.


In the end I order the Fowl Play burger which had ‘chicken’, sweet potato mash, gravy and spinach. Adam ordered the special which was called Kimchi Kardashian and was a ‘beef’ patty in a black bun!



The drink choice was amazing. They were a soda specialist so made all their own fizzy drinks and could even do a soda float, dairy or dairy free which was amazing. I didn’t have one of these and got myself a caramel thickshake and it was amazing.


We also ordered a side of chip and onion rings. The portions were huge which was great! The bill came to about $57 which I thought was not too bad considering all that we had ordered. The food was also of really good quality, with great flavours and such a variety of choice. They also had a dessert menu which I was unfortunately too full to eat but it was exciting to see all the vegan desserts!



If you are in Adelaide I would 100% recommend checking this place out, especially if you are looking for that perfect vegetarian restaurant. And, even if you aren’t vego I still think it is really worth checking out with the variety of drinks. The food is so tasty it doesn’t have to matter that it vegetarian!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and get the chance to visit this lovely restaurant. My previous blog post was an amazing chocolate fudge cake recipe that I discovered and a Australia Diaries about our roadtrip from Albany to where we are now in Adelaide.

stay kind 

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