Book Wrap Up- March

To put it simply. I love reading. Reading is something I have done passionately from such a young age. And funnily enough, I never write blog posts about books. My one and only book related blog post was a list of my top five favourite books.This month I have been doing a bit more reading so decided to do a book wrap up of all the books (spoiler free) I have read and how I have found them. I thought that whilst travelling I would read a lot more but funnily enough it hasn’t been the case- I’m not sure why but I am starting to make an effort to do a lot more reading!

Let’s get on with the books that I have read this month.

River Phoenix: The Biography by John Gallatt


I picked this book up from a charity shop because I had recently been talking a lot about River Phoenix and his brother Joaquin Phoenix and it only felt right due to the coincidence. I paid $3 which I thought was nice and cheap. I loved reading this book. It really felt like reading a movie of his life, with everything so well described and written. It is a very sad, but a true story about River Phoenix and his journey with fame. This book made me fall in love with River and his beautiful intentions. He was a vegan activist who bought acres of rainforest to protect it from destruction. Even though I knew he died (not a spoiler, real life) it was still devastating to read it wrote down.

Divergent by Veronica Roth


I picked this up at a book exchange at a caravan park I was staying about and, sure I am late to the party on this one. I haven’t seen the films and was never that really interested but GOD, I read this book in less than two days. I couldn’t put it down. Sure, it had it’s predictable parts but it was also interesting and drew you in with the story line. The characters were also really well written and when I was reading it I had such vivid images of what they would look like. I definitely can’t wait to read the next two books. If you haven’t read this book, which you probably have, then it is definitely worth giving it a go. *also, why is this book called Divergent. It should obviously be called Dauntless*

A Little Change of Face by Lauren Baratz-Logsted


I swapped this book at the same book exchange as Divergent. I chose this one because it seemed like a light read and a little girly that made me think it would be easy and enjoyable. It was okay. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend at all. It was definitely an easy read but other than that it lacked a lot. The main character was unbelievable, with her age not matching her actions. The storyline was also highly predictable with there being nothing left to the imagination. I always feel bad leaving bad reviews about books as I imagine the author spent a lot of time on it. But it was a pretty poor book.

I am currently reading two books that I picked up from a charity shop and a book exchange. One is White Teeth by Zadie Smith and the other is Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini which are both pretty well known books. I’m loving both of these and hope to finish them soon. I will try and keep up a monthly book wrap up going, it might encourage me to read a bit more.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you read any of these books let me know what your opinion is on them! My previous blog post was a review of a cafe that I went to Adelaide and a chocolate fudge cake recipe.

stay kind 

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