Australia Diaries: Morialta Conversation Park

Our time in Adelaide is slowly coming to an end. We spent four weeks here and they have been great. I have been packing strawberries which has been not so great but it got some days on my visa and made some money. However, I am so glad to not be working anymore. For our last weekend in Adelaide we went to Morialta Conservation park with my main goal being to see some koalas. If you read my New Years Resolution post you will know this was something I wanted to do this year! We were told by a friend that when he went to the National Park that he spent two hours walking around to find the koalas in the car park and guess what..


I saw my first koala and it was in the car park! I was so happy that I got to see one as they are such cool creatures and different to what I expected- they have such long legs and arms. They were so sweet and I’m glad I saw one. So, when you go to National Parks always keep an eye open no matter where you are.


After that we went on an hour return walk as it was pretty hot. We got to see some amazing views with a great view of Adelaide city once you got to the top of the hill. We did an hours ‘moderate’ walk although I will say it was very steep but totally worth it.

On with the pictures..





There was also a waterfall here but we didn’t come across it, we also assumed it would be pretty dry as we have tried to waterfalls in Australia before and know it is better to wait till winter. If you are ever in Adelaide I would definitely recommend giving this conservation park a visit, did I mention that it was free as well? There is no reason not to go!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and get the change to see the beautiful scenery of Adelaide.  We now begin our road trip down to Melbourne which I am so excited for!

stay kind 

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