How to find work whilst backpacking in Australia

Once we had decided that we wanted to travel to Australia we had to find a visa. Visa’s are annoying and I hate having to deal with them.

So I let Adam do it.

He found us a working holiday visa. This entitled us to one year in Australia and we were allowed to work for a maximum of six months.

This sounded great to us. Travelling and earning money. Perfect.

Flash forward to Australia and we now had to find work. There are many different kinds of work you can get whilst living in Australia. Here are some of the jobs I have had and how you can get yourself a backpacker job.

1. Workaway

Kind of what you’re looking for. This is more of a cultural exchange. You go live with someone. A man, a women, a couple, a family, anyone. It exchange for food and place to live you work for them for 4 or 5 days for 4/5 hours a day. It is a really great set up as although you may not be earning money you are saving a hell of a lot by not having to pay for food or hostels. We have had only amazing experiences with Workaway. There are some things to look out for though. Generally, 25 hours work a week is the maximum you should be willing to work. Anymore, and you’d be better off getting a paid job. Also be mindful of reviews given to hosts. Once you stay with someone you can then review them so make sure you a. read the review and b. leave reviews. This is also reciprocal so you will be having review left about you also.

Workaway jobs are by far the best jobs that I have had.

2. GumTree

Australia runs on GumTree. We learnt this from a person in a hostel upon our first day of arriving in Australia. Want to buy something? GumTree. Want to sell something? GumTree. Looking for a job? GumTree. I have found all my jobs through GumTree, theses being a wedding waitress, kebab shop worker and a strawberry packer. So the variety is there. It is unfortunately quite competitive with everyone looking GumTree for jobs, you have to be fast and make sure you get the work. I used to try and check GumTree every few hours.

3. Visa Work

I found my visa work (strawberry packer) on GumTree but there are also millions of other ways you can find it. This website and working hostels are the best in my opinion, alongside GumTree. However, visa work is pretty awful. More often than not you have to do per piece work, not hourly. So I get paid $4.50 per tray of strawberries I pack, which on a good day (not my good day, but when the strawberries are good) I can do 3/4 an hour at a push. There are some better visa jobs out there but my hypothesis is that if you want a visa you have to do you 88 days at certain places. The lack of choice means the owners can get away with a lot. However, although underpaid you get to meet people like minded and you also get your second year visa. So don’t let the pay get you down too much.

4. Remote work

This is the dream, at least to me. A job that I can do from any location as long as there is WiFi. Adam actually got offered a job doing this as a transcript writer which he didn’t take as it is pretty hard if you don’t have the experience as you get paid per script that you do. There are different websites that you can use to look at remote work, and if you can get remote work then you’re in luck!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and found the information helpful if you are looking for work in Australia. My favourite method is probably to check GumTree every 3 hours as you do have to be committed to find the work. Let me know if you have found jobs with any other methods! My previous blogs posts were a book wrap up and a review of a vegetarian restaurant that we went to in Adelaide.

stay kind

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