Roadtrip: Adelaide to Melbourne

We left Perth on the 13/02/17 with the intention to travel to the East coast. We arrived in Adelaide on the 13th March and decided to look on GumTree to see what work was available. One of the very first jobs listed was a strawberry packer job. We messaged the number and he got back to us straight away telling us to come in the day after. So we found a campsite semi-nearby and paid for the nights rent. This was where we spent the next two weeks.


Getaway Gawler Caravan Park

This place was great to us. Weekly rent was $150 for two people on an unpowered site. The toilets and showers were so good and the kitchen was okay. It was an outdoor building with two electric hobs and a fridge freezer. The staff and the people that lived here were so lovely and it was nice to be surrounded by friendly people. We used the swimming pool a couple of times, however, it was freezing!


After this we moved into a hostel where we were luck enough to camp on the grounds. This came about as the people I was strawberry packing with lived there and spoke to the manager for me. We lived there for another two weeks and I loved it. It was really great living with people similar to myself and we had pizza nights, girls nights out and it was a really good way to break up work We left out job after two weeks as it really did suck. The wage. The hours. And the tediousness. On Thursday we packed up our tent and began our drive to Melbourne.

Thursday 13th April

The first day we didn’t leave till later on so just headed to a place to camp. We went to a place called Point Sturt. This place was beautiful and we saw the red moon rising above the lake which was pretty magical. This campsite was free and didn’t have any amenities. However, for one night it suited us perfectly and had a beautiful view.


Friday 14th April

We left Point Sturt and got a little ferry across at Wellington. It was about 3 minutes but pretty exciting that the road just ended and we got shipped to the other side. Immediately after the ferry was a Pangarinda Botanical Garden where we went for a short walk and had lunch. After this we made our way to our next campsite which we paid $15 for and was called 42 Mile Crossing. There we basic toilets here and that was it. We look a 30 minute walk to the beach and saw a huge dead lizard which was actually kind of scary. The beach as desserted but very beautiful.


Saturday 15th April

Saturday was our disaster day. We spent a lot of it faffing about, getting lunch at a service station, buying for the weekend and then Adam lost his wallet. A major bummer but after we got all the cards cancelled we headed to Naracoorte Caves where we booked to see a cave and bat tour at 5:30. We took a small hike around the place to pass the time. The cave tour was amazing. Pictures will never do a cave justice but the cave was huge. Then we started to see bats fly above us so they took us to the bat cave. It was incredible the amount of bats that were flying out and around our heads. All completely wild. They had some infrared cameras installed in the caves so we went into a little room and was able to see on the screen the bats that were still in the cave. If you ever get the chance I would highly recommend visiting Naracoorte, there were so many cave tours to choose from. Ours cost $25 each but there were some for as cheap as $9. After our visit to the caves we pulled up our next camping spot which was a sports filed in Tarpeena. This place was all legal to camp but it was still strange sleeping next to the clubhouse!



Sunday 16th April

This is where we got most of our driving done. We crossed the state border, moved our watches forward 30 minutes and was blown away by how different Victoria is to South Australia. There is so much more green, trees and wet. We pulled up a couple of times, once to take a 30 minute walk in a rainforest. Then to Johana beach where the view and the waves were incredible. Then we decided to drive to our camping spot at Beauchamp Walk. The drive down was long and windy but so beautiful. It was like being surrounded by a rainforest. The campsite here is free and we took a walk down to the waterfall which was amazing. I’ve only been in Victoria for a few days but it is crazy how completely different it is to South Australia.





Monday 17th April

The last stretch of our trip. We stopped off at a town called Lorne where we had some delicious fish and chips followed by using the sea baths. We used this place to mainly have a shower but we also go to use the pool, Jacuzzi and the steam room so that was a nice treat. We arrived at our Workaway which is about one hour and twenty minutes out of Adelaide. But I will write more about that on a future post!

20170417_122758 (2)



And that just about sums up my road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne. We did actually have to do this with time restrictions as we began a WorkAway on the Monday however having as much times as possible to do this drive would be the best. There is so much to see and do. I would also recommend avoiding holidays. Our trip unfortunately fell on Easter Weekend so somethings we wanted to do were impossible with car parks completely full! My previous blog posts were about finding work in Australia and some pictures from Morialta Conservation Park.

stay kind  

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