tmi talk: 13 reasons why ITS SO IMPORTANT

13 reasons why.

This show is important. At least to me.

I recently finished the show and it left me feeling pretty shook. If you haven’t watched this show yet I will be discussing it in detail so spoilers everywhere and also I will be addressing triggering subjects such as sexual assault and suicide so this is the warning. 

I also think that the show is very triggering, the sexual assault and suicide scenes are very real and disturbing and I can imagine for someone who has been through these situations it would be incredibly painful to watch.

Sooo, I enjoyed this show. Although enjoyed may be the wrong word. This show was heart breakingly real and although I’ve seen some reviews saying it glamorizes suicide I do believe that this isn’t true at all. It shows the aftermath, the pain and all the emotions that everyone has to go through. From the boyfriend, to strangers, to parents.

I think this show is really important and here are 5 my reasons why, as 13 reasons is quite a lot to come up with.

1. Suicide

Lets talk about the most obvious topic first. The show deals with suicide in the best way it can, with little entertainment. I mean, this show was slow. And I believe that it a real representation of suicide. Because life still goes on, friends still go to school and families have to work. The difference is that one person is missing. So, I’ll address the idea of ‘glamorising’ because this I think is wrong. This show shows the raw and painful side of suicide, evening seeing Hannah cut her wrists is horrible to watch and it is really emotional. For some people this may be triggering however, the scene follows with Hannah’s parents finding her and I think this really highlights what you are leaving behind. Seeing her parents like this is heart-breaking and I think/hope that it would resonate with some people. Also with Alex shooting himself. You never even guess that it is coming. He isn’t necessarily showing ‘typical’ signs of suicide which I think is important. Not everyone is textbook ‘suicidal.’ You can definitely look out for signs but sometimes there aren’t always with obvious signs. I thought that Hannah was obviously sad, for example, when she came to Clay about Jeff and he was curt and rude he should have given her the time without assumption. Which is what everyone should do. I think the message you have to take from this is to be kind to everyone that you encounter, because you don’t know what people are going though.

There is also the argument that it’s unrealistic that Hannah knows every reasons why she wanted to kill herself because that is generally not the case. But I think some people would. Different types of people do things differently. There are people out there who would create a list and there are others who wouldn’t be able to sum up as to why they felt that way. Everyone is different and we see that through Hannah and Alex’s actions. 

2. Sexual Assault

This was a huge part of the show with two scenes of rape. Both of the scenes were incredibly hard and uncomfortable to watch. You get to see how two people deal with sexual assault and with it being the cause of Hannah deciding ending her life. It also showed how important it is for schools to have the best type of people around for students to deal with. Mr Cooper was not ready and didn’t know how to deal with what Hannah was saying. All schools need someone who does know what to say and how to help anyone. Everyone needs someone that they can talk to. Jess’s rape was truly sad because there were two people who could have helped her and neither did. I think this shows that if you can, you have to stand up and defend someone, this isn’t always possible as Justin did try. But if Hannah had the bravery she maybe could have helped Jess. I’m not blaming Hannah at all but I think it is important to note that you should always act out when something is wrong. In the end Jess tells her Dad and I think this is the best decision, to tell someone who can help you. Who can help you get help. It is so important to get help.

3. Realistic

I thought that this show was so convincingly realistic. I said above that it being a slow show is true to real life, there isn’t always drama and excitement. It is just life. The characters were also perfect, each having their own personalities, problems and flaws. Each character was very convincing and I think that is what made the show feel so real-life. There was also Hannah’s parents. They are having to deal with the death of their daughter but they still have to get up everyday, go to work, pay bills because life keeps moving and I think this show depicts that’s perfectly well. I also believe that with most TV shows everyone wants to be that main character, but I don’t think anyone watching this show WANTS to be Hannah Baker. She is beautiful but she is also tormented. She wants to love Clay but her demons do not let her. The final scene where we see her kill herself also shows the painful decision she has made. The panicked breathing, her screams as she does it, makes the whole scene heart-breaking but I also believe it is real. The bath isn’t full of bubbles and there isn’t flowers or beautiful music. Just harsh lighting and a bath full of water. It was important that this show kept everything real and true to life.

4. Rumours

This show also deals with something we are all familiar with, especially if we have been through or going to secondary school/high school. Rumours thrive in high school. I was luckily, never a rumour but this show shows what it feels like to be the centre to the rumour, which as you see is awful. I think this show really tries to show that you should not partake in spreading rumours or even creating them. Because it is cruel and even though they may not be true, if everyone is talking about it, it makes the person feel completely self conscious and ridiculed. Rumours are cruel and nasty things that should not be encouraged.

5. Adults 

Adults are important and I think this show highlights that. When we are younger/teenagers adults are the last people we thing about going to for help but they are the ones who are the most helpful. Being older has its benefits because they’ve live longer and therefore know more about life. Three characters reach out to adults, Hannah reaches to Mr Porter and unfortunately he does let her down demonstrating that adults are not perfect. However, Jess reaches out to her Dad when she feels she needs someone to talk to and Clay passes the tapes to Mr Porter instead of giving them to Bryce. By passing the tapes to Mr Porter, Clay is leaving the tapes in the hands of an adults to decide what to do with them. I think that shows how Clay doesn’t know what the right decision but he is hoping that Mr Porter does. 

Those are my reasons why I enjoyed this show. I know some people felt different but I do believe it is important for people to watch and see how much you can effect people’s lives. That every actions has an effect.

Here is the 13 reasons why website which has links for different countries for those who need help or information.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I found this show so interesting and heartbreaking that I just had to write a blog post about it. What were your opinions on it? My next post will be up on Wednesday but last weeks was my minimal skincare routine.

stay kind  

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