Zero waste essentials for you backpack!

Zero waste. If you haven’t heard of the zero waste movement let me explain. It is pretty simply, living a life that does not create any waste. That means no Starbucks, no McDonalds but it also means not buying apples or potatoes sold in plastic bags. No plastic. Not using single-use plastic. If you are interested in trying to minimising the amount of waste you produce this blog post might be able to help you.

Why would you want to go zero waste? If you are interested and want to learn for yourself I would recommend the documentary A Plastic Ocean which can be found on Netflix. However, here are some facts that I pulled from this website.

– 50% of the plastic we use is single-use plastic meaning we throw it away after using it just once.

– Annually, 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide.

– It takes 500-1000 years for plastic to degrade.

-There is something called The Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is the largest ocean garbage site where huge amounts of plastic float around the ocean. This site is twice the size of Texas with a ratio of garbage to sea life of 6:1.

Zero waste essentials for you backpack!

– Plastic chemicals CAN and DO get absorbed into the human body. 93% of Americans aged six and older test BPA positive.

So, let’s work together to move away from plastic. Plastic is not essential, most the time you can swap it out for something reusable. Also, my disclaimer is that I am not 100% zero waste because I know it is hard but I live with the idea that I can be. I think that is everyone tried to actively move away from plastic we could all slowly lower our usage. I wrote a previous blog post on 5 ways you can reduce plastic waste and this one will focus on things that you can carry on your person, in your car, etc that will help minimise the amount of plastic you use.

Water Bottle

Zero waste essentials for you backpack!

I have had this water bottle for a while now and yes, it is plastic. I think it is better to purchase either a glass or stainless steel water bottle, however, I wanted one that had a filter which is why I chose plastic in the end. However, I will use this until it is physically unusable such as it breaks. Carrying a water bottle means that you never had to purchase bottled drinks. Not only does this save you money but it means you won’t be contributing to single use plastic. In Australia there are water fountains everywhere where you can fill up you water bottle or ask someone in a cafe or restaurant and they will happily oblige.


Zero waste essentials for you backpack! (3)

This is something I hadn’t come across until recently and I love the idea. If you get takeaway food you do not have to accept plastic forks or knives. My cutlery is currently metal and I just carry a spoon and a fork because I had these and didn’t want to repurchase unnecessarily. If you don’t have any spare cutlery you can pick up cheap pieces from a charity shop or if you are looking for light weight ones there are bamboo knives, forks and sporks. Remember, the purpose of being zero waste is to not create any. So if you have some cutlery to hand you don’t need to go out and purchase any new ones.

Takeaway Box

Zero waste essentials for you backpack! (2)

This idea goes hand in hand with the above. A takeaway box. This was a big deal for me and I get so excited when I get the chance to use it. It is a perfect size and has a sealable lid. I also plan to use it as a lunch box when staying in hostels so I don’t have to buy food when I’m out on daytrips. The idea of having this tin is so that I can purchase food but ask them to put it in my container rather than a single use plastic box. For example, if you go to pick up a doughnut from Doughnut Time, you can offer your tin and most people will happily put their food in your container. And don’t be afraid to explain if people seem unsure!

Cloth Bag

Zero waste essentials for you backpack! (5)

Zero waste essentials for you backpack! (4)

This is a new purchase for me. I was spending the weekend in Melbourne and picking up a few pieces. My rucksack was full of my clothes so I didn’t have anywhere to put things I bought so I picked up this tote bag from Cotton On. I decided to buy this because a. it was one dollar and, b. all proceeds go to charity so I felt like my money couldn’t be better spent. I chose the one with the least cringey logo and I am glad I picked it up. Now I never, ever need to except the deadly plastic bag.

And those are my essentials that help a BUTT load to stop the production of single use plastic- woo!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and found it useful. Do you have any other tips to help cut down the use of plastic? Let me know in the comments! My last blog post was a day in the life and my april favourites!

stay kind  ✿

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