Mini Life Hack #1 TRAVEL

I decided to start a new series on my blog called ‘Mini Life Hack’s’ because I have had all these ideas for blog posts but they are just small ideas. Little tips and tricks that I have learnt along the way and wanted to share with you all. They will be of of all variety from food to beauty to travel to animals. There will literally be a blog post for anyone. They are also just going to be short and simple and sweet. You’ll be able to read them in 30 seconds! I will be posting them every Sunday for the whole of June so keep your eyes open!

Today’s life hack is related to travel and packing. I have booked two flights for the next week or so, one to Sydney and one to Cairns. Both of them I only have carry on luggage, which is the first time I have ever done this. Of course, I go into major researcher and find all these different ways I can pack my bag and how to sort my toiletries.

I also found out that for a domestic flight there isn’t any limit to the amount of liquids you can take which is pretty awesome! This only applies if you are leaving from a domestic terminal. Now because I have no idea of the terminal I will be leaving from I decided to keep my toiletries still to a max of 100ml and no more than a total of one litre.  I also decided to this because then I am carrying a super small amount of liquid meaning the lighter my bag.

ANYWAY, amongst my research I came across this amazing idea (from TravelMadMum) and that is to use reusable baby food pouches.

I bought these in 80ml because these were the best I could find near my area and in a smaller pack of five.

Mini Life Hack #1 TRAVEL

I love this idea because it means that you can decanter your bigger product into these and they pack down super flat, taking up such a little amount of space. I also have the idea to go to a Bulk sellers and fill up my pouches, hoping to keep move towards zero waste ideas. These are perfect but I will pack them in a plastic bag just in case of any leaks. Mini Life Hack #1 TRAVEL (3)

What do you think of this life hack? I am so glad I came across them as they are going to really help me pack incredibly lightly. Next weeks blog post will be about how I get my luggage to 7KG and how I pack. My previous posts were a day in the life and and some of my zero waste essentials.

stay kind  ✿

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