Mini Life Hack #2 FOOD

For today’s mini life hack, I got a snack. a mighty powerful snack.

Mini Life Hack

Banana and Peanut Butter.

I love this as a snack and might even have it once a day. But whenever I pull it out I always get funny looks and comments from people, but I promise it is heavenly and I really do not think it is that odd. If you have the time you can chop up the banana, spread peanut butter on and then add some dark chocolate chips on top. This is the ultimate combo.

However, most of the time I just peel a banana and scoop some peanut butter onto the end. I feel like this is such a power snack with bananas being full of carbs and other important nutrients such as potassium and and vitamin B6. The addition of peanut butter is the fats that will keep you full and give you that extra energy. As a lover of peanut butter this is a great snack.

Mini Life Hack (3)

Have you ever tried this before? It is one of my favourites and don’t think I could be without it. Let me know your favourite snacks in the comments!

stay kind

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