Mini Life Hack #4

Mini Life Hack #4 BEAUTY

Today’s little tip is about how to do a DIY hair braid. I have done this multiple times and I love them. I recently bought some Hemp cord that was multi-coloured meaning that I only had to use one piece of string to achieve this look.

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However, if you do not have multi-coloured string this look is still really easy to achieve. Buy three different coloured strings from your local crafts store. To measure the cord, I do it 4 times the length of my hair if I want to cut it but I would recommend keeping the string attached so you do not have to worry about the length, just keep an eye on it all getting tangled. Below you can see a braid that I did using three colours, pink, white and blue.  Hemp corn is best to use however, is takes a few washes for it to become soft as it is a little stiff to vegin with.

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To begin with find a section of your hair that you want to braid and section off the rest. Give it a brush through and braid it so that it will be easier to braid and there will be less little hairs flying out of the braid.

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Then tie the string at the very top of your separated hair. Either tie the single multi-coloured string or all these colours you are using. Make sure it is tied really nice and tight.

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From here is is pretty simple, a little tedious and a slightly long process. Begin wrapping the string around the hair. Make sure that each time you wrap around it goes under the previous wrap, so there is no overlapping. For multiple strings, do about1 inch of each colour. When you have done you first colour, hold the string to your hair and pick up the next colour you want to go with. Begin wrapping this around and to continue your braid. Make sure you pull everything really tight, which is most important otherwise is will fall lose.

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Once you have got to the end you can either tie is multiple times to make sure it is secure or use a clear elastic band if you have to. For the first few days the top of the braid can feel a little tight but that does ease as the string becomes softer and a little less tight. And there you have yourself a little braid. You can wear these forever if you want to. I love wearing them and think it adds nice detail to your hair.

How do you like braiding your hair? Have you done it before? Let me know what you think! I am currently far out of signal and all these blog posts are scheduled so I won’t have any links to my previous posts. I’ll write about my current situation in the near future. 

stay kind  ✿

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