Natural Deodorant Review: Myaura Organics

I am a big lover of natural deodorants. I have been avoiding the more ‘normal’ deodorants for a long time now. I was previously using the lush bar deodorant, Aromaco which I adored and would’ve repurchased however there is not a lush store near where I live. Whilst wondering around Coles I came across this new natural deodorant.

Natural Deodorant Review Myaura Organics

It cost $9 and at first I did think it was pretty expensive, but I thought it was worth experimenting to see how it was. I love trying out more natural alternatives.

On the front it says that there is:

No Aluminium
No Zinc
No Preservatives
No Palm Oil

The ingredients are:

Natural Deodorant Review Myaura Organics (2)

Soo, my review of this deodorant.

It is great.

When you first apply it is seems weird as it is a solid block that comes off onto your skin a bit powdery. But it is absorbed super fast which I was happy to see because I didn’t want there to be white residue left under my arms.

Natural Deodorant Review Myaura Organics (3)

Secondly, it smells amazing. I have the rose, jasmine and vanilla and the smell lasts all day which I really love.

I also feel like it does prevent any smells, and I am currently living under a hot climate and feel comfortable that I’m not going to start smelling halfway through the day. However, I do find it works best when applied later on in the day as well, as sometimes I can feel like it can begin to wear off. I will keep you updated as I keep using the product.


Okay, after using this product for around eight weeks I started to become less impressed. Having to apply multiple times a day and as the weather was getting hotter and hotter it seemed to a be a lot less effective ESPECIALLY if I hadn’t shaved in a while. Which means those who have hair in the pits would not enjoy this deodorant. The last few weeks of using this deodorant I got fed up and purchased a ‘normal’ one so I, unfortunately would not recommend this deodorant, especially if you live in a hot country

I would not recommend this deodorant. The price does seem pretty high at nine dollars and if you’re in a cooler country I think it would be great but it cannot seem to cope in hot climates such such as Australia. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and if you fancy, you can find my previous post on living in the Daintree Rainforest and my most recent posts about being in mexico and starting a YouTube channel

stay kind ✿

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20 replies to “Natural Deodorant Review: Myaura Organics

  1. I bought this to use during winter when I don’t seeat as much and I have to completely disagree with you. By lunchtime I could smell myself and I have an ongoing relationship with soap and water at least every 24 hours and often every 12 hours. This was a waste of money for me.


    1. Yes, I actually just updated this post. It worked really well for me for a while but then it got super hot here and I found it didn’t work well at all. Thank for you comment:)


  2. Oh nooo I just bought this one in Australia because i was looking for a deo without all the bad ingredients. I’m now in Bali and let’s hope it will work for me 😦


  3. I normally use mitchum great product but thought I would give myaura a go seeming it was on special. Smells great love the ingredients but very disappointed when wearing it in hot weather. It goes to little blobs under my armpits very embarrassing when wearing strappy dresses. I live in New Australia. I wouldn’t buy it again have gone back to Mitcham. Myaura waste of money.


    1. I tried it for the first time and found that it has the consistency of soft butter. I had to use tissues to wipe it off. If you live in Cairns as I do, keep it in the fridge. It smells nice though but I wouldn’t buy it again

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  4. I purchased this as I was on holidays and could not get my normal deodorant. What a waste of money; I had to rub it into my skin as it would not absorb. I threw it in the bin.
    The best natural deodorant is deoNat. It is a salt crystal wish kills the BO smell.

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  5. purchased this product yesterday for $9. I live in the tropics and it is a melted mess. tried to put it in the fridge but 10 mins after taking it out it is unusable. should be able to get your money back.

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  6. I also bought the Myaura bergamot lime and coconut. I am not impressed and yes it was costly at $9.00 from Coles. It marked my clothes, did not like the smell and too hard to apply. Very disappointed as I also thought it would be a good product for the environment. Oh well back to the sensitive aerosol at half the price, does not mark and it works.

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  7. Well….. I just love it. I use the Lavender Sage Rosemary fragrance. It is beautiful. Only use a small amount on fingers to apply and it lasts all day and the fragrance smell stays with you
    Be patient people and enjoy this product it is natural and works very well LOVE IT 😊


    1. I’m so glad you liked it and it worked for you- it’s so awesome that it works for you! and also sometimes less is more, the deodorant does say to apply sparingly 😊


    1. that is so awesome to hear! I think it depends on so many different factors that for some people it works well and for others not so much!


  8. I can only assume the product is good
    As it is impossible to have this thick-wax-like application
    To leave the holster; it is impossible to spread on the underarm skin
    it is a solid blob of wax-like substance


    1. The texture is very strange, it does roll up and out of the tube so you can apply it like a stick deodorant and without much pressure so you don’t end up with blobs. but yes, I think it hotter weather it becomes harder to apply as it becomes softer.


  9. Thanks for the review and update.
    I bought this on the weekend, on sale at $7! Still expensive. Only worn it a couple of days and as it is freezing cold here in Sydney it seems ok so far. It is hard to put on and hurts a little as it drags along your skin. So it’s ok, but wouldn’t say I love it at this stage.


    1. Yay that’s really glad to hear that it works for you! I would agree too that it copes just fine until the super hot weather kicks in in Australia. Mine was never too solid but maybe that is just different ways of storing the deodorant 🙂


  10. I have been looking at this product and was just about to purchase it until reading all the reviews. So, it is gd during winter? I have excessive sweats and it is really annoying and just want a good natural deodorant which contains no aluminium etc…advice needed. Thanks


    1. I did have no problem with it when the temperature wasn’t so extreme so I would say yes, it could be fine in winter.. I am yet to find a natural deodorant that works 100% for me. I’ll keep hunting though! Good luck with your deodorant hunting 🙂


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