australia diaries: byron bay

I am taking back an old feature that I used to run on my blog, australia diaries. I loved writing these, all about the places I had visited and spent time. This one is going to be all about my time in Byron Bay.

I arrived in Byron in the begining of October and left today, the end of December. I roughly spent about three months here and in this short space of time had the time of my life.

So let’s talk about it. I had FOUR (well, three and a half) jobs. My first I was very lucky and got immediately in a kebab shop, my second was a horrendous housekeeping job which I left for a housekeeping job in my hostel where I never actually worked a day because I then got a job in a juice bar. I actually did love all my jobs, even the housekeeping one to a degree. They provide you with such a great experience, I was always meeting new people and learning different skills. I was very grateful to have been so lucky with finding work in Byron as it is incredibly hard, completely full of backpackers.

I spent my time in a few different hostels. My first few days were spent in Byron Bay YHA which was a nice enough hostel, but not somewhere I would reccommend. I then stayed in Aquarius which I didn’t enjoy so much because of the people I met, so not the hostels fault. This hostel was awesome though because they provided a free meal every night! I then moved to Cape Byron YHA which I really loved. I met incredible people here and even once I moved out I would always come for a visit. Truly my favourite hostel. I then spent maybe six weeks living in the Arts factory, in a tent. I loved loved loved living in a tent. I loved that I had my own little space, where I could do whatever I wanted, sleep whenever I wanted. It was perfect. It was also cheap and I got to meet some really great people.

I got to see so much nature, especially whilst living in a tent. Magpies would eat breakfast with me and bush turkeys would run into my tent to steal literally anything they could get their hands on. I’ve had lizards come up and nibble on my anklets and I’ve had at least two snakes cross my path.

Next Wednesday I am putting up a blog post about my time in Byron that I wrote a while ago and in there I talk about how Byron encourages you to be brave, it brings out your creative side. And for me it truly did. I started to paint, lots and write, more and I did less yoga but started running. I practised walking on a slack line and even started to learn tarot reading. I started spending more time in the library because I craved knowledge, I wanted to read and learn and I really, really enjoyed my time doing that.

In Byron I also managed to triple the amount of tattoos on my body. *surprise if you didn’t know that* I got three tattoos that I have been wanting for so long and mean a lot to me and then me and my best friend got matching tattoos. I love them all so much and love the memory that each one of them has attached to it.

byron bay

byron bay

Things that I got up to in Byron. I did A LOT of lying on the beach. And I never used to think I was a beach person but I truly love just being on the beach. Painting, writing, reading. I can sit there either totally on my own or with a group of friends. And when it gets too hot the ocean is sitting right there waiting for you. I loved going up to the lighthouse, I went for sunset and sunrise. So beautiful. I rented a bike and went to Suffolk Park Ti-Tree lakes and Belongli Beach. I biked along the beach for miles at Tallows Beach and almost exploded from pure happiness. I went to Nimbin where I fell in love with the multi-coloured everything and bought an incredible t-shirt. I went to Brunswick Head and saw the incredible town that it is, with a beautiful river, beach and a great chocolate milk from the Milk Bar. I ate the greatest crepes at Love Byron where they also sold bananas dipped in chocolate- heavenly. I ate the best dark chocolate covered almonds at Santo’s and I knew I could always rely on ZaZa kebabs to provide me with an epic vegan kebab. I also ate a lot of free curry at Cheeky Monkey’s. What a time.

There is a huge social aspect about Byron as well. Every single night there was an event. My most amazing nights where the weekly Reggae nights at the beach hotel but I also had an amazing time at the CoCo rebuplic events and Apoteka AND also I loved a good dance at Woodys or the Northern. And I loved the open mic night at the Arts Factory and also the Brewery. All closely followed by my trip to the kebab shop. I love that Byron does have the nightlife but if you want to chill out you totally can. There is something there no matter what the mood.

I made some epic friendships with people. I met people who I cannot believe I was lucky enough to cross paths with. Sometimes just for a day or two but it was always great. And as you all know, I met my bestest friend in Byron who truly changed my life. To meet someone who truly understands you and supports you and calls you on your bullshit. I am one lucky girl. One of my favourite memories will forever be us sitting on the beach watching the stars and getting excited whenever we saw a shooting star. But I am going to try and not spend the whole post talking about how I have the greatest friend ever. I got to party on a random beach with people covered in glitter and I also got to spend my Christmas on the beach with most beautifully kind and caring people. I feel like I really got to do it all.

Okay, I am going to wrap up this post here, before I ramble too much. Byron it was an honour, I loved every single minute of my time here and I will truly miss you. I hope you enjoyed reading this and feel free to check out my other posts about travelling alone and the travellers curse. Catch you later! stay kind. stay hydrated. eat your veggies. look after your soul.

*cue onslaught of photos*

5 replies to “australia diaries: byron bay

  1. I’ve made note of those two hostels you suggested, I’m heading out there in May so would really like to spend it at a nice one. Is the beach hotel you mention at the end, a hostel too? Or a bar?


  2. that’s so exciting- you’ll have a great time! are you talking about arts factory? all the hostels i stayed at were in town so super close to the beach but not on the beach whereas arts factory was further away, about ten/15 minutes walk but you got to be surround by nature and not too much in the craziest of the town 🙂


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