an ode to byron

byron bay. the place that everyone wants to go. a place that offers to fill your hippy dreams. everyone told me I would love it so I arrived expecting the best. the bus drove me through the town, the darkness draping over the windows. I scuttled off the bus, rucksack on my shoulders and walked around until I found a hostel. I checked in and collapsed on my bed. the previous day full of goodbyes weighed me down. but I was in byron. strangers talk to you everywhere. one of my first encounted was an older couple on the beach, so warm and friendly. I learnt to smile, and talk and listen to anyone. everyone wants a friend so don’t be afraid. byron taught me to explore my creative side- everywhere you look people are practising something. surfing, playing the guitar, painting, writing, slack-line walking, singing, baton twirling, hula hooping and yoga. it seems like byron brings out the fearlessness in people. everyone is braver. because byron is a place where people can express themselves without judgement. you can be whoever you want to be and then you take your new found bravery with you, wherever you go, shamelessly and unafraid. inspire those around you to be true to themselves. the ‘hippy culture’ is an understatement for what byron delivers. sure people walk around with no shoes and heads of dreads but byron is more than that. although I have only explored a small amount, it is beautiful. the sand on the beach squeaks beneath your feet. the ocean jumps around, sometimes full of surfers. other times, flat, calm- peaceful. the lighthouse is beautiful day and nights. sitting on top of the hill, watching over us. the days in byron are erratic- confused. one day the sun beats down on you, sweat drips down your back, your skin gets a little darker. other days it’ll rain as if it hasn’t rained since the beginning of time. water throwing itself at you. tears of freedom. or the air can be still and you can sit on the beach, encased by the night sky and watch lightening shoot down. the life in byron is always flowing. every night. every day. it is a time to celebrate. you can spend your evenings partying; drinking, smoking, taking pills, eating mushrooms, or curled up in your tent, headphones in, absorbing the energies around you. you can go to the beach and be part of a silent disco, dancing in the sand, the ocean biting at your toes. or you can take your best friends hand and lie down on the hard concrete and not even notice because your eyes are full of stars, dancing across the sky. you can watch films and eat popcorn- or talk about what scares you the most or the cute boy who works in reception. byron is full of choices. you can do anything and everything. maybe you climb to the lighthouse and watch the sunset, or maybe you go to cheeky monkeys and eat the free curry. the decision is yours- you can do it all. just not in one day. byron has taken bodies- souls hostage. let yours fall, dance with everyone else. but when it is time to leave, make sure you collect it again. don’t let byron trap you. enjoy it. live it. love it. but be ready to leave it. because that, is the most difficult part.

I wrote this maybe last month and felt like now that I have left byron I wanted to edit it and put it online. byron was a truly magical place to live for three months. I wrote a ‘life update‘ full of photos and everything that I got up to in byron and before that I wrote about travelling alone. stay kind. stay hydrated. eat your veggies. look after your soul.


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