new year, new me, right?



I am actually a big fan of new years resolutions, I even wrote a blog post about it last year and everything I wanted to do this year. this year I wasn’t going to but I couldn’t help myself so I am going to list off new year resolutions but it is more things I want to do, rather than things like lose weight, bla bla. so. to reflect on last years resolutions I can say that I really really improved as a person because that was the most important goal to me. I am 100x more confident that I was this time last year, I am also calmer and happier. I think being happier really helped me improve everything about myself, so yay me.

to summaries the rest:

  • Have a job- I worked about 8 different jobs last year so TICK.
  • Save 3 grand- kind of but not really.
  • Make friends- big big TICK
  • Yoga- not everyday. that was a stupid goal. but I do it as much as I want.
  • Think about running- TICK. I am actually a runner now, so that is shocking but awesome.
  • Stop biting nails- never going to happen.
  • Give up makeup- kind of. I never wear makeup unless I really want to. I rarely want to.
  • Dumpster diving- ahahaha didn’t even know this was on my list.
  • Watch lots of films- sure.
  • Read lots of books- sure.
  • Dread- I have had one dread for about 8 months now. I love it. TICK
  • Waterfall- SO MANY. TICKITY TICK.
  • Island- not unless you count cape tribulation that I thought was an island for my first two weeks there HA.
  • Learn to drive- nope.
  • Drive from west to east coast- TICK
  • Go to east coast- TICK
  • See koala bears- TICK

looking back I actually achieved a good amount of what I wanted to achieve, so I am pretty happy about that.

this year, I am shooting for something else. I wrote a list of 30 things I want to do before I am thirty. I’ll publish this list on sunday for you all to see but let’s talk about my goals for this year, because it is nice to think what I want to do and it does keep me motivated. so let’s see I want to:

  • leave australia
  • save money whilst in australia (let’s shoot for 5 grand)
  • be able to run 5km and then maybe 10km
  • go to tasmania
  • go to asia
  • learn tarot
  • pursue my writing more, more blog writing and maybe even find work
  • read 20 books
  • learn spanish (listen to spanish music)
  • learn more, read more books about history, science, etc.
  • take social media detoxes (maybe once a week for a day)

I love these little goals that I have set for this year, nothing too big and fancy. I guess most of my life revolves around travelling so these are things that are important to me and I guess easier to achieve. this year I really want to see more of the world and keep making decisions that make me happy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, feel free to comment or link me to your new years goals! my previous blog post was ‘an ode to byron‘ and another post full of pictures and everything I got up to whilst living in byron. stay kind. stay hydrated. eat your veggies. look after your soul.

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