23 things I’ve learnt in 23 years

last week I turned 23. and it felt like a big deal. I’m not sure why but 23 is a grown up, I could get married and have a baby and people would be like yeah, she’s 23 that’s fine. shes a grownup. I am the age of people in TV shows like friends. but when I look in the mirror I do not feel that grown up at all. I still eat packets of oreos for dinner and drink too much and think it’s funny when people fart. but aside from that I do feel like i’ve learnt some things. i’ve been travelling for a year and a half and feel slightly wiser. so here is my post.

in no particular order – 23 things I have learnt in 23 years.

  1. Be Kind – Sometimes it’s funny to be mean. The younger you are the meaner you are, it seems. But to be kind really pays off. Don’t get irritated by things that don’t matter. Be nice. People like you when are a nice and you probably make their day a little better.
  2. Be Positive – somehow, I’ve become known as the positive person. I don’t know how or when this happened but all of sudden I just decided its way easier. If you channel all your energy into being positive and happy, generally the outcome will be too. You attract people because people want to be around that. It really makes you happier.
  3. Don’t Be Scared – man, I used to always be afraid. I still am but I try not to be. Life is scary but you should still do it. Travel on your own, jump in the water, you know. You probably won’t die.
  4. You Don’t Need To Shave – last year I stopped shaving my legs. and that was that. it wasn’t a big deal. my legs are hairy but the world still goes around and I have a lot more time to do cooler shit. people really don’t care. so if you feel like you don’t care either, don’t shave.
  5. Life is easier with a tidy bedroom – yeah mums and dads all over the world were right. just tidy your room, once a week and it feels good. you have a floor you can walk and dance around. you can find your things easier. it makes you happier.
  6. Listen to more music – I spent so many years just listening to the same bands over and over, because I love them. I always thought new music was bad music but it really isn’t. Sure, some pop music is bad. But there are 1000 are bands out there that you have to listen to. So check out new music, there is nothing better than a new favourite artist.
  7. If you don’t like the book, don’t finish it – I used to be a prolific reader. Every book I started I had to finish, even if I didn’t like it which is madness when you think about it. Nothing bad happens. If the book is paining you to read. Put it down. There are so many amazing books to read, don’t waste your time on the bad ones just so you can say you finished it.
  8. Travelling is important – I remember being told this and thinking yeah, maybe but I’ll still be the same person. Not true. Travelling is important it makes you so different, you start to think different, see the world different, your ideas change and grow. You don’t have to go for years but take a few months out of your life to go and see some things. Alone or with friends. It doesn’t matter.
  9. Keep a Journal – This is the one thing I am always so glad that I did. I use my journal to write about my day, write randomly and paint and draw. It’s great to have a creative outlet and then you also get to look back on everything you have done in life.
  10. Don’t rush to choose your Uni degree – I definitely did this and as much as I enjoyed studying and love what I did, I do wish I waited until I really knew I what I wanted to do with life and study something relevant to that.
  11. Be Honest – not that I lie but I used to find being honest, especially about my feelings and emotions hard. One thing I have learnt recently is the most honest you are about how you feel the better relationships you build and the happier you are.
  12. Exercise – I used to be the number one hater of exercise and only ever did it out of vanity. Now I run and do yoga because it makes me feel great, not in hope that I will lose weight. It’s also great for the brain!
  13. Stay Calm – I love being known as the calm one, or the chill one. I know people who get so mad so fast and don’t understand why I don’t. Life in the calm lane is nice and relaxing and I reckon more people should join.
  14. Say Sorry – I learnt this lesson whilst living up in Cape Trib and sometimes I would run my mouth and eventually learnt that if I want forgiveness I have to say sorry. That was a really good lesson for me because sorry was never easy for me to say, and it still isn’t but I will force myself to say it. People appreciate the honesty.
  15. Veganism! – woo of course. Veganism changed my life and it is a path I will follow for the rest of my life. I have plenty of blog posts about it such as how to reduce eating meat and plenty of ‘what I eat in a days.’ I love food and I love animals and this lifestyle is really perfect for me, and it can be for so many other people.
  16. Don’t be so broke you can’t leave town – As Morrissey said he has had money, and he hasn’t had money, but he has never been so broke that he can’t leave town. And I was once very broke, very very broke and it was awful and shouldn’t have got myself into the mess. Never use the safety money you have. Always be prepared for the worst because sometimes it happens. BUT if you do, it’ll be okay. it always is!
  17. Eat your vegetables – they are great for you and taste good. What else is there to say?
  18. Letters are priceless – since travelling I’ve loved writing letters to family back home and realised how great letters are. They are personal, take time and people (normally) love to read them. So write more letters.
  19. It Comes and It Goes – it does. It sucks. And then it stops sucking and it gets great again. Time passes. The sun sets. Its all good.
  20. You can Learn to do Anything – this year I’ve picked up so many talents I never thought for a minute I would, such as painting, drawing, skateboarding, slack-line walking, the list goes on. You can always learn something new, no matter what.
  21. Parents are the best – you get to an age where you start to get along with you parents and they become a friend. I love this. I love being able to see things they way they do and seeing that they are humans too which is nice.
  22. Don’t like a job? Don’t stay – I have always preached this and always will. Nothing is worth sacrificing your happiness. As I said above I have been really broke so I know jobs are important but if I am not happy I am not working to make money. This world is full of jobs and don’t let people make you think otherwise.
  23. Get the Tattoo – why not?

And THAT was the 23 things I have learned in 23 years.

A lot of them I learnt this year and they have all helped me add improvement to my life.

Thanks for reading and catch you next time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, feel free to comment or link me things you have learnt as you get older and wiser! my previous blog post was ‘an ode to byron‘ and one about my new years goals. stay kind. stay hydrated. eat your veggies. look after your soul.

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