a youtube channel??


I started a YouTube channel a few months ago. I was inspired by my old videos I made when I was 16. When I was 16 I was super into YouTube.. all the beauty gurus and I wanted to have my own channel so bad except I was too scared to start one. In the end all I have now are random videos I made and never put together.

Then when I stumbled across these videos in May I thought why the hell not start my own YouTube. I’m travelling the world. I’m doing and seeing so many amazing things so why not document them in a way that means I can look back on everything.

Thus leading to the creating of my YouTube channel: grace flowers

For now, all I am doing is monthly videos. I’ve always loved filming what I do and have previously done One Second Every Day last year and I am currently doing it again. Videos are so much more than pictures and I love collecting them all. At the end of every month I will be posting a video of everything I’ve got up to.

The main purpose of these videos is for me. I’ve watched them back a few times already and I love being able to see my whole month in videos. These videos aren’t supposed to be outrageously entertaining or for anyone else. But I thought it’d be nice to share with my friends and family and strangers so everyone can see what I’m up to. The editing isn’t great and in time, it might improve. But for now, enjoy my creaky editing and amateur footage.

**and also, a life update**

I am currently in Toronto, Canada on a working holiday visa and I’ve got a job in an VEGAN ice cream shop. So the next two years of my life, I will be living/working/travelling through Canada. I’m so excited for everything and I don’t think I could be happier.

Thank you for reading this update blog post. I am trying really hard to focus on my creativeness and put out more content, since starting making videos my attention has fallen there instead of on writing but I am feeling so inspired recently to make content everywhere. So keep your eyes open for blog posts coming soon! My previous posts were about solo travelling in Indonesia and about getting marriedstay kind. stay hydrated. eat your veggies. look after your soul.

3 replies to “a youtube channel??

  1. Yessssss, I’m so happy for you this is going to be great and you’ll be awesome on camera – congratulations 😁❤️


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