solo travelling through: Nepal

My last solo travelling blog post told you all about my two weeks in Indonesia. From there I flew to Nepal and had two weeks to spend in this beautiful country. I didn’t pick Nepal for any reason other than wanting to explore and see a country I had never been to before, I didn’t even consider doing a trek until I arrived and every other person asked me which trek I was doing.  Whilst in Nepal I really didn’t take that many pictures either, I didn’t have the greatest camera either so never felt like the pictures captured what I could see.

I flew from Indonesia to Malaysia, spent 19 food poisoned hours in the airport and then flew to Kathmandu. I booked a hostel the day before and also arranged for them to pick me up. I did this because I honestly had no idea what to expect. So I got picked up and taken back to my hostel. I paid 700 Nepalese Rp for the taxi which was slightly expensive but I was willing to pay it just for peace of mind on arriving.

The hostel I stayed at was Thamel Hostel, the owner was super welcoming and helped me with any questions that I had, including booking the bus for me to leave. My first two days I spent in this hostel, recovering from being sick. I also walked around the Kathmandu Durbar Square and I got to see the current Kumari. The Kumari is a young girl that is worshipped by some Hindus, she follows traditions such as her feet not touching the floor. The current Kumari is ages 3 and when she has her first period will be replaced by another younger girl.

I then decided I should go to Bandipur. I had done a bit of research and it seemed like a great place to go to get out of the city and see outside of the chaos. My hostel booked the bus for me and we left at 7am to Bandipur. Getting there wasn’t too hard at all. The bus took me all the way to Dumre (700 npr) and then I got on a local bus that took us to Bandipur. Everyone was super helpful and directed me as to where I needed to go.


I prebooked a guest house as I had no idea what to expect but honestly, I would recommend not and just turning up because there were so many guest houses and I bet you’d be able to get a good deal. I booked the Bandipur Milan Guest House which was a nice, cheap place. The bathroom wasn’t great but the location was awesome, and they had emergency power as we kept losing power every 30 minutes whenever there was slight rain- it was crazy!

I loved my time here. It was great to be outside of the city and there were surprisingly more tourists/backpackers in this area than I was expecting. But the Guest House only had me in it so I definitely felt on my own and would walk all around this tiny town. I spent one afternoon just sitting on a hill and it was one of my greatest memories from Nepal. The views were just insane.


After Bandipur I got a bus to Pokhara. I arrived and stayed at Pushkar Hostel where I spent my first two nights. This hostel was really awesome for meeting people and I loved the location. The only reason I ended up leaving was because they stopped doing free breakfasts.. and that might sound silly but when you are paying X amount for a room you definitely expect breakfast because there are 10 hostels for the same or even less and you will get free food. I ended up moving to Kiwi Backpackers. I loved this hostel and met some really great people here as well. The breakfasts this place did was insane, everyday they did something different, making breakfast even more exciting than it normally is.

I spent just over a week in Pokhara. I loved my time here. There was the busy city so close but I spent all my time by the lake and found so much creative energy whilst here. I felt like after my crazy weeks of travelling through Indonesia I just wanted to relax and not force myself to do things.

I like this super important to remember than eve though you are backpacking there shouldn’t be this crazy pressure to be constantly doing and seeing things. My most precious memories are those I created with people, generally with beers and without the pressure of anyone. Nepal was an incredible country and I had so many amazing conversations with so many people, I had shop keepers who never tried to sell my anything, they just wanted to talk and I would stand there for 30 minutes talking about anything and everything.

Thank you for reading my blog post all about my travels through Nepal! After Nepal I flew to India, expect another blog post about it soon! My time in Nepal was incredible and I could not recommend this country enough to people.. you will have the greatest time with the greatest people and the greatest view. My previous blog posts were about my new youtube channel I have just set up and my solo travelling in Indonesiastay kind. stay hydrated. eat your veggies. look after your soul.

OH and don’t feel pressured to do a trek. Some people just weren’t born to hike mountains.




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