semi solo travelling through: India

My previous two blog posts told you all about my solo trip through Indonesia and Nepal. After Nepal I flew to India. I planned to go to the South of India however, my time of travelling meant it was monsoon season and not a good time to go to the South and I ended up flying to Delhi. Not only was I going to spend time in India my Husband was also in India with him brother and friend. So I got to spend ten day with them and the rest of my trip I had a few days to myself.

**OH and disclaimer on the pictures, some are mine and Quincy sent me some and I have no idea who actually took them so all the credit goes to whose ever they may be **

I flew from Nepal to India and arrived into the chaos that was India. I was so glad to be met by Quincy because I couldn’t imagine being able to figure out the taxi system to get to where I needed to go. We stayed at Roots hostel for a few days and I loved our time there. It was super out of the city and every taxi driver got lost trying to take us back but I really loved being able to walk into the chaos and then walk out. The roads were insane and there was no rules at all. We had one driver mount the curb as a way of avoiding traffic. We visited the market in New Delhi but also ended up sending our days inside because let me tell you, this country is ridiculously hot.

We got a night but from New Delhi to Agra where we stayed at was great but I don’t remember the name. This place was awesome and charged us something like 200 Rp each for a double private room (400 Rp per room). Agra didn’t have all too much going on except for that crazy TAJ MAHAL. Man, seeing this thing was one of the few things that really blew my mind. It is so huge and mystifying, it looks like a painting.

That same day we took a night bus from Agra to Rishikesh. Now, let me tell you night buses are great because they are cheap and you don’t waste your days travelling but man these things are crazy and there is no way that if I was travelling on my own I would have taken this bus. It was basically like a coach and on top of the seats were bunk beds. Two of us would share this bed which was a. tiny, we had two of us and our bags to fit and b. so freaking hot and bouncy. I would wake up to head being smashed against the roof as I floated airborne for the 10th time that ride. But it was great and fun and we arrived into Rishikesh with a few hours sleep tucked under our belts.

Rishikesh was great. It was this crazy little vegan yoga meditation town. We stayed in the Moustache Hostel which had a really awesome rooftop where you could hang out with everyone. Our time in Rishikesh involved, walking too and from the town, eating an abundance of food at Tattv Café, getting tattoos, getting a facial, stepping into the Ganges, avoiding the numerous amount of cows on the streets, visiting a waterfall and spending hours talking to the locals.


The vibe in Rishikesh was awesome, everyone was super laid back and you would end up hanging out with strangers in their shops whilst they made you chai tea. It was a great town. I spent my last few days here on my own as well. It was a place I felt 100% happy to be on my own.

I then booked a bus back to New Delhi where I stayed at another hostel in the city, whose name I do not remember. I then took the Subway to the airport and began on my journey to France to visit my dad.

India was such an awesome time, my problem was that time was so short and I couldn’t stray too far. I really wanted to head North but I just couldn’t fit it in. I was really say to leave because I felt like I barely got to catch a glimpse of India, but I know that I will visit this crazy place again.

Thank you for reading my final solo travelling blog post! I had such an incredible time experiencing all these countries and everything that they had to offer. I loved India so much but know that I had so so much more to experience. My other solo travel posts were about Nepal and Indonesia. I hope you enjoyed reading all of them! stay kind. stay hydrated. eat your veggies. look after your soul.

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