best albums of 2018


I haven’t wrote on here in forever because of many reasons and the big one being my lack of inspiration.

I am definitely a person who floats in and out of inspiration. Sometimes my brain is full of amazing concepts and ideas and other times I am a deflated balloon just letting out wisps of nothing.

That being said, I also haven’t had a laptop for the last three months so that played a big part in the lack of writing.


Hello and welcome to what I believe were the best albums to come out of 2018. My relationship with music has changed drastically over the last year, I’ve started to listen to many many more artists and therefore my horizons are incredibly broad. I spent the best part of 2015-2017 listening to The 1975, Halsey, Twenty One Pilots and Bring Me The Horizon. Literally nothing else.

So now I consider myself musically cultured.

Okay, I am rambling. So let’s get to it.

I am going to use the website ‘Album of the Year‘ to compare my ratings with. This website aggregates all the other top albums lists and uses a points system to then order the albums. In reverse order my favourite albums of 2018.

10. DJ Koze- Knock Knock

best album 2018

I found this album towards the end of 2018 and really wished I found it earlier. It is such a great album, with such a variety of tracks. Bon Iver contributes and there is even a sample of the children’s hymn, ‘he’s got the whole world in his hands.’ It’s techno house but is of the more relaxed sound that you can play in your bedroom and maybe have a boogie to. I would really recommend giving this album a listen to due to the unique sounds that are pulled through it. However,this album is very long meaning I don’t listen to it as much as I would like.

Number 36 on AOTY

9. Sophie – Oil of Every Pearls In-Insides

best album 2018

I discovered this album in the Summer whilst visiting home and at first had no idea what the hell was going on. The mix between bubble-gum pop and industrial sounds was intense and at times a bit much to listen to. But it was getting great reviews online so I knew I had to be patient with it as there was definitely something there. In the end I really appreciate the talent and uniqueness this album demonstrates. Sometimes the industrial tracks are too much to listen to but overall I really loved this album and it definitely has a lot of playability.

Number 10 on AOTY

8. Snail Mail – Lush

best album 2018

Honestly, I have no idea how this album snuck into my top ten. It is a great album with some really great songs, however, there are some songs on this album that are not so strong and definitely need to be improved upon. But, I love her distinct voice and the way she writes, it is almost a unique album except it reminds me so much of Alvvays. I’m not sure if it is because they both have such strong voices or the style of writing but I do see a lot of similarities between the two. Regardless, I listened to this album a lot and love the strong songs they put out.

Number 22 on AOTY

7. Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy

best album 2018

This album came out at the beginning of the year, however, I didn’t listen to it until much later on. More so because I definitely wasn’t ready to appreciate what Car Seat Headrest are. It is more heavy and yelly but it’s done in such a great way and I love listening to this album and the stories each song tell. The songs are sung with such passion and I really feel the emotion emitted from the album.

Honourable Mention (unlisted) on AOTY

6. Pale Waves – My Mind Makes Noises

best album 2018

I discovered Pale Waves a few years ago. They were never an amazing band to me but I’ve always liked their sound. Their first EP had great songs.. except they all used the same cords and sounded the exact same. Their album had improved immensely and it seems like a very personal album. The songs are catchy with lyrics that are designed to be relatable. This band is not outstanding but they do create some catchy songs and if I’m feeling down this album will definitely spark some happiness.

Unlisted on AOTY

5. Mitski – Be the Cowboy

best album 2018

I found this album whilst in Toronto and I listened to it so many times. I love that each song tells a story and it almost becomes a concept album. Her voice is beautiful and I love the final song so much. She manages to create these detailed songs and they all sound so beautiful but with their own distinction.

Number 2 in AOTY

4. The Voidz – Virtue

best album 2018

This album I held on to all year and listened to on and off. It’s a very long album and that is the number one thing that puts me off listening so much. It takes too much time and right now I am on a mission to listen to as much music as possible, so I really avoid those longer than an hour. However, this album is great. I was already drawn in because of my love for The Strokes. But this album has a completely different sound and vibe. There are some super interesting songs that I love so much. This album definitely needs to be heard by more people.

Unlisted on AOTY

3. Lump

best album 2018

This album is great and I can’t believe how little it was recognised this year. The last track is so smart that I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before. Laura Marling’s voice is incredible and the work put into it is great. It is a nice, neat album that is perfect to listen to whilst you are sleeping. It took me a few listens to get into it, but once I did, I really loved it.

Honourable Mention (unlisted) in AOTY

2. Kids See Ghosts

best album 2018

I loved LOVED this album. Which surprised me a lot because I stay very far away from anything that even remotely sounds like Kanye. But this album is great and the opening song has me hooked every time. If this album wasn’t made by Kanye it probably would be rated higher, but he is what makes this album. All the quirks and the producing make this a short (forty minutes) but neat album that has a consistent sound of tunes.

Number 41 on AOTY

1. Tierra Whack – Whack World

best album 2018

I found this album right at the end of the year. I had known it had existed for months but it completely slipped past me. The first time I listened I watched the video as well and I was sold. I love this album. I think it is genius and as we have learnt I love short albums, this one (fifteen minutes) suits me perfectly. As far as I know it has never been done before and for that I really respect this album. The songs are great and funny but done in a way that isn’t ridiculous. Everyone needs to hear the album.

Number 21 on AOTY

And THAT was my top ten albums of 2018. After this I will be posting my top twenty albums that I discovered this year, and man, did I discover music. My life really changed and now I have great tunes to listen to. Anyway, let me know what you think of these albums and what albums you loved this year in the comments. My last two posts were about my travelling in India and solo travelling in Nepal.

stay kind. stay hydrated. eat your veggies. look after your soul.

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