a weekend in the city: vancouver

last week I went to vancouver, my main mission was to go see a show but it also meant we had to drive for two full days and we got to eat a whole lot of vegan food. the show was incredible but it is mostly videos and you will be able to see all of those in my youtube video at the end of this month. anyway, this was our second trip to vancouver so I am going to combine both visits into one glorious post of pictures and keep the writing to a minimum.

so let me tell you all about our trip.

the drive to vancouver is amazing. you get to see so many amazing views, and instead of describing them, here are some pictures. and I want to interject here, Vancouver and the drive there are one of my most favourite things ever. somehow, vancouver is a city that doesn’t feel like a stuffy, nasty city. maybe its because it’s close to the ocean or maybe its because the sun is always shining. or maybe I’m just biased???

Whilst in Vancouver we ate as much food as possible. One of the greatest luxuries in cities is the choices. We ate at Meet, Virtuous Pie, and Vegan Cave Cafe, (my personal fav). We ate at Meet numerous times so here, enjoy all the food pictures,

Whilst in Vancouver I got to met Quincy’s dad for the first (and then second) time but he was incredible and drove us all around the place, showing us different spots with great views.. cue pictures.

Some more specifics about our trip to Vancouver, we spent out time in Cambie Gastown Hostel which was a nice hostel that also had a bar which was huge and super fun to hang out it. We drove to Deep Cove, Horseshoe Bay and a bunch of places whose names I don’t remember but a lot of beautiful coastal shots were achieved. As I said our main purpose was to see a band called Spiritulaized which was such an incredible experience and so glad I got to see their show. My total time I’ve spent in Vancouver has been about 7 days.. so truly not that much time and I am sure there is so so much more to see.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this mini post full of pictures from my trip to vancouver. keep your eyes open for my next weekend in the city where I talk about my trip to calgary! My previous post were all music based; my top albums of 2018 and my top music discoveries of 2018.

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