the archive of my life

your boyfriend
your girlfriend
ex girlfriends
ex boyfriends
first person you slept with
fifth person you slept with
person you almost slept with
your mum
your dad
your uncle
crush from when you were 16
crush from when you were 14
crush who you also hated
your best friend from high school
your high school enemy
the girl you met for only a day but became best friends with somehow
the people you lived with at university
girl who you think is super pretty
boy who you think is super annoying
stranger who thinks your cute
stranger who sends unsolicited nudes

isn’t it crazy that social media has allowed all these people, and more, to be active in our lives. you don’t always think about it too much but when you stop and look- who is liking my pictures? who follows me? who is looking at my profile?

our private lives no longer have closed doors, it is more like open windows. people can peek inside and have a little look at our lives and we don’t even know. but we let it happen.we don’t think about it for as long as we should. there are many people who do not need to see the ins and outs of your life.

all these people can look at our social medias. some we want to and some we don’t. these people can all access snippets into our lives, even if we don’t want them to or don’t even know them. and we can’t control who looks. I can’t control who reads this blog post and I sure am not going to start spending my spare time blocking people who I don’t wish to peek into my life. so should we step off social media? or is this normal? should we become more relaxed about it all? should I even care about who can see my pictures?

or have we normalised spying? prying into other peoples lives who you really shouldn’t be concerning yourself with? I mean, if I cared so much why have I spent the last, roughly ten years of my life, publishing my every move on the internet. The archives of my life are all stored on the internet, spread over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Instagram.


I live hundreds and thousands of miles away from my family. my best friends. and how do we stay in contact? I make videos and put them on YouTube so they can see my life, and still feel a part of it. I post pictures on my Instagram and I write about my travels. I always have loved making videos, writing, its my love. these passions can quickly be turned and used against us.

as I write this I think,


I’ll go to a more private world.

but do I shut doors and keep people out?

or do I stay open?

do I keep doing these things and accept that this is what social media is?

what is the solution here?


Thanks so much for reading this blog post! It has been so long since I wrote more creatively and not just a general life update. I keep swearing I am going to post more on here yet I never do. But I normally have these random waves of inspiration, so here’s hoping they make more appearance. Thanks again for reading and let me know, what do you think of all this? Feel free to check out my previous posts: an ode to byron, the travellers curse and travelling alone.

stay kind. stay hydrated. eat your veggies. look after your soul.



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