24 things I’ve learnt in 24 years

So I did this last year, 23 things I’ve learned in 23 years. And I am not sure what the rules are when you do it the next year.. can I only add on one more thing? Because I feel like I’ve learnt a fair few more things but I also stick by the previous 23 things. So to cheat the system, I’m going to break the 24th thing into A,B,C, etc. I think that seems fair.

I believe now would be a good time to read the first 23 things here and now we can get to the 24th point.

24 a. Cut Your Hair: this is very recent for me, but I wanted to change my hair so much the last year. I had the longest hair and wanted to cut it and dye it pink. and what did I do? absolutely nothing. I bleached it so hard the ends snapped and I had a bleached mop head for hair. last week I decided to get a haircut and cut in my fringe and I’m the happiest. so I guess my point is, if you want to cut you hair, just do it, It is probably going to look awesome, and if it doesn’t? just wear a hat until it grows out.

b. Do the things: This reflects to me for my YouTube channel. I’ve wanted to do this for years. but was always scared. I’ve literally been making videos since I got my first computer around the age of 12, my uncle was the unlucky victim of those. But now I make them for me and my family but mostly because I love doing it. I love editing, I love filming so why shouldn’t I do it??

c. Don’t let people put you down: I feel like as I become happier and more content in my life, I come across people intent on finding a way to stamp out that fire. It’s always a reflection of them and not you, so never ever let people bring you down. If you are happy then just ride your wave. Don’t waste energy on anyone who isn’t worth it.

d. Buy Second Hand; I have recently become the Queen of buying second hand, I will thrift and join all the Facebook groups to avoid paying full price for anything. Firstly, it saves you a bunch of money and secondly you are repurposing which means less is getting sent to the landfill. It’s great for you and the planet.

e. You can fake it: I used to hate the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’ it is corny and lame and not my style. HOWEVER, it’s actually pretty true. I once watched this Ted talk that changed the saying, ‘fake it still you become it’ and that is possible. Channel who you want to be, whether that is someone who is more confident, or who can play a certain sport, or instrument. Overtime, you will become it.

f. You have to work: I spent so many years of my life believing I could get buy with minimum effort, and it was actually this last year where I learnt I can’t do this. If I don’t work I don’t have money. If I work I have money and if I have money I can go on trips, I can eat nice food and more importantly I can save to continue my travels. I became so obsessed with travelling that I convinced myself I didn’t want to work and I had an unhealthy relationship with working. Find a job that you like with people you enjoy spending time with and you’ll have a better time working.

Thank you for reading this little post! It is incredibly late considering I turned 24 in January but I tried my best! Anyway, I wrote this after having a coffee so I can’t promise it is coherent and not rambly. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, feeling free to check out some of my older posts: travelers curse and visiting Vancouver

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