one year in Banff

I arrived into Banff in October 2018 and left September 2019. It is the longest time I have spent anywhere whilst travelling and I loved it.

I mean, there were times when I hated it and wanted to leave immediately but for the best part it was amazing. I met some incredible people and managed to save a heap of money for my backpacking to begin again.

So how to even put a year of my life into words.. I guess pictures and a slight chronological sense of story telling.


  • Living in a hostel
  • Seeing banff for the first time and falling in love with the mountains
  • Snow
  • Meeting my first lot of awesome banff people
  • Travelled to vancouver to visit quincys dad and visit whistler
  • First job- pizza making
  • Halloween

November & December

  • Christmas market
  • Tattoos
  • Eventually earning money!!
  • Cinema
  • Getting married!! (again)
  • More snow
  • christmas christmas christmaaas

January & February

  • my 24th birthday
  • 1st wedding anniversary
  • trip to calgary
  • first canadian hockey game
  • -40 degrees
  • and more snow!
  • new job- server & quit old pizza job

March & April

  • vegan food
  • tattoos
  • dog sitting
  • melting lakes
  • parties
  • The Cat Empire- calgary
  • new apartment
  • snowboarding for the first time
  • Spiritulized- Vancouver
  • more vegan food

May & June

  • one week in LA with Tilly
    • muscle beach
    • santa monica
    • venice beach
    • hollywood sign
  • cold cold banff
  • quick visit to Toronto for a family wedding
  • cameron comes to visit meaning I visit lots of tourist spots:
    • sulphur mountain hike
    • lake minnewanka
    • two jack lake
    • paddle boating
    • canoeing
    • party party party

July & August & September

  • a whole lot of work
  • quincys 26th birthday
  • lion king premier
  • Alvvays Concert – Banff
  • lake louise & big beehive hike
  • canada day
  • party party
  • quincys mum comes to visit
  • trip to drumheller
  • final days at work and in banff

And THAT is my year in banff summarised into bullet points and photos because I could probably write a short story about my time in this town.

It was an awesome town to get to spend a year and I am really lucky to have met the people I did and get to work with some great people.

Thanks for having me banff and thank you for reading this blog post. My previous posts are 24 things I have learnt in 24 years and for more regular updates check out my youtube channel šŸ™‚

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