one week in oaxaca

After a week in mexico city we took a bus to Oaxaca. It was one of the greatest bus journeys I have ever taken, the view was incredible; although I didn’t get any photos. It was like driving through a mountainous valley- it was the most insane thing. If you could do that bus ride I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

For the first three nights we stayed at an airbnb which was really nice after living in a hostel. We had our own private space split between four of us. We honestly didn’t do much at all whilst we were living here, everyday we got up and walked around, went to the market and ate awesome food.

The only day we really did something was the day we took the tour to see Hierve el Agua. On the tour we stopped at the world’s fattest tree, did a mezcal tour, textile factory tour and then went to Hierve el Agua which is this incredible petrified waterfall which had these amazing pools of water gathering on the top that you can swim in. I’ll put in the pictures now.

Our time in Oaxaca was really awesome even though we didn’t do much. I loved this city and it was such a nice change to leave mexico city and get to a smaller town. An uneventful week but we got some amazing pictures, so I think that has to count for something.

We are now in a beachy town called Puerto Escondido where we will probably be staying for the next two weeks which is exciting. It is incredibly hot here so far, there has been a lot of lazing around the pool. Prepare yourself for another not to crazy week of hanging around and eating awesome food. If you’re interested, my previous blog post was about our week in mexico city and the year I spent in Banff.



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