twenty twenty

This year has been an awesome year. It started in Banff, Canada and will be ending in Ometepe, Nicaragua. A small year review;

I started the year celebrating new years in Banff. I had an incredible year here experiencing beautiful mountain weather, tatttos parties, shows, and meeting amazing people.

I stayed here in until September leaving on the 9th for a short trip through the states going to Seattle, Phoenix and Nevada. Meeting up with my mum and grandma in Phoenix which was an incredible experience.

I then flew to Mexico where I had two amazing months moving around this country, experiencing the beaches, the cities, the mountains and the jungle. I loved Mexico and feel so lucky to have got to spend such a long time here.

I then went to Guatemala and spent a month travelling around. Experiencing the ruins, the lake and some incredibly blue waters. An interesting country, where I got to see the difference between the major tourism influx and the poverty of the people living in Guatemala, really highlighting the privilege I have.

We then went to El Salvador which was truly one of my favourite countries. It was completely untouched by backpackers and I really felt like I was being welcomed into a different country/culture that was genuine. The people were friendly and the pupusas were my best friend. El Salvador will always have a special place in my heart.

And as I said above we then arrived in Nicaragua on the 10th December, where we have been spending the last few weeks. A blog post will be up in the new year, once we have moved on to Costa Rica.

So, now let’s reflect on last years new years resolutions. I wasn’t writing too much last year so didn’t post my new years goals. So I will post them below as I wrote them in my journal.


  • Find a new job
  • Save $10,000
  • Go to South America
  • Keep making monthly videos
  • Focus on writing more; journal and blog
  • Contact family at least once a month
  • Keep learning Spanish
  • Read 15 books
  • Spend less time on the internet
  • Keep on top of music, old and new
  • Go see shows/gigs,

Not Achieved

  • Learn to rock climb
  • Be able to run 5KM
  • Learn 5 songs on the ukulele
  • Learn to sing and play on the ukulele

All in all I had an incredible year. My achievements were successful and I am really proud of everything I have overcome and the experiences they had also brought me.

Okay, 2020. Let’s talk about what I want to see happen this year.

  1. Finish my Central America trip seeing; Costa Rica and Panama
  2. Get to South America and see; Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.
  3. Volunteer in Colombia
  4. Visit home through the month of June and July, being home for my brothers birthday.
  5. Clean out my junk that I still have at home
  6. Move to New Zealand to work
  7. Do not let myself become broke. I have a nasty habit of spending every penny I have and then having to work incredibly hard to make it back, I don’t want this version of me to exist anymore. Always have money and control it.
  8. Read 20 books
  9. Keep making monthly YouTube Videos
  10. Continue writing creatively; blog and journal.
  11. Take one day a week with no Wifi.
  12. Take my health more seriously; find and research vegan supplements.
  13. Stay calm and learn that not everything has to be said
  14. Work on my communications skills, don’t be the ‘I don’t mind’ person.
  15. Continue learning Spanish
  16. End the new year in New Zealand, with Quincy, working a job I enjoy.

And those are my new years goals. I really love having not only goals but visions and things I want to see happen. New years does not have to be just about changing yourself, personal growth happens whenever we feel ready or motivated. For me, the new year is a perfect time to envision what you want to happen and make plans and motions to bring it into action.

I am incredibly excited for this new year, and new decade. No matter which way things go, life is going to be great.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! I really loved writing it and manifesting my new year. For those who notice I have was formerly known as globallygrace.wordpress.ocm and I have now purchased my own domain; wanderingflowers.com. I am proud of myself for eventually taking this step; to own my name and to move away from the four year old decision I made to name my blog, a title I felt no longer related to me. I look forward to the new year and wish everyone the best! My previous blog posts are linked throughout the text my time in El Salvador and Guatemala.

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