are people who have sex in hostels assholes?

In short, yes.

No one on this planet wants to endure the sounds of two people having boring sex because generally hostel sex is boring. We can assume both parties are probably drunk, the bed is a bunk bed so some poor soul is on top of you and because of that you can barely sit up straight so yeah, really exciting stuff. 

Now I’m not turning my nose up at this, but I’m saying if you walk into a room full of people and think ‘yes I shall have sex here’ you’re an asshole.  no matter who you are. if you’re me, my best friend, the queen, harry styles or thom yorke, you are still an asshole. because you could go anywhere else. the park, the beach, the shower, and even the bathroom. get creative. and I mean, the beach is slightly romantic. Anywhere else would suffice but no, you want your boring missionary sex to fill my ears.

Don’t worry, I don’t just sit and listen, I am normally watching a show or listening to music. But there is no feeling worse than just lying there. I used to always leave the room because, well it’s just really weird to be even near these god damm rabbits. but other times its late and I’m nearly sleeping or I just don’t want to leave the room. I was there first so I really don’t want to leave. I used to feel weird but do you know who the weird people are? the ones making the choice to come into a public room and have sex.

So for anyone who wasn’t sure; if you think you’re quiet and no one heard, I assure you, we all did and we aren’t impressed. If you think “we all do it” well, that’s not the point. I’ll give you the stink eye for the rest of the time you room with me. and I will say it loud for those in the back, you’re an asshole for having sex in a dorm room.

Thank you for reading this post. I wrote in this morning in heat of being annoying and thought why not share with the world. I also want to say this post is for purely comical and conversational purposes, I am by no means judging anyone because I have no right and its a free world and we can all have sex wherever we want. The beautiful life that we live. Feel free to check out my previous blog post about my time in El Salvador and Guatemala.





4 replies to “are people who have sex in hostels assholes?

  1. I’ve been laughing so much at this post. Like too much. I bet my colleagues think I’ve lost it lol. I proper heard your voice when I read this and I just love it :’) more of these hilarious blog posts, please!

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