one week in Minca, Colombia

Our time in Colombia is going to be completely mismatched for many reasons. We flew into Cartagena and instead of staying here we left after three days to spend a week in Minca. We only thought we would go for a couple of days but ended up loving it so much that we wanted to stay, especially for my birthday. So for now, our time in Colombia begins in Minca.

one week in Minca

We took a nice and easy shuttle with Marsol, more expensive than the pubic bus but incredibly easy. This bus dropped us in Santa Marta where we had to find a bus to Minca. We got ambushed by a heap of taxi drivers, telling us that the bus to Minca stopped at 2pm. It was 2.15pm.. so incredibly convenient. But, we didn’t have WiFi, we had no idea where this bus left so in the end after a lot of bartering we got the taxi. Only to find out a few days later the shuttle ran until 6pm.

Unlucky us.

Minca was such a great little town.It has mixed reviews online but we loved it. The temperature was much less than in Cartagena and we got to walk for miles. We walked every direction possible and had a great time in doing so. The sun was hot but we were sheltered by trees and walked for hours. We walked to the waterfalls, pozo azul and got to see the massive bamboo shoots growing everywhere. We met friendly people, dogs and peacocks on our walks. There is also an incredible view all the way to Santa Marta and the Caribbean ocean on some paths which is great to see.

We ended up celebrating my 25th birthday here which was really incredible. Quincy made me delicious sweet treats and we did a cacao tour which was super interesting.   We even got to do chocolate face masks! I learnt a lot about the chocolate making process, I did not even know how it originally grew! I also learnt we should really not buy from mass companies- he explained how heavily farmed it can get and the use of child labor. We then went out for a few drinks and had some delicious food at our favourite restaurant: The Lazy Cat.

We spent a lot of time in The Lazy Cat restaurant and the  Smoothie Bar, both had amazing vegan burgers on happy hour so we ate our fair share of those. The drinks were never that cheap so we did not ending up drinking too much apart from a few beers here and there.We stayed at Hostal Guacamaya which was a nice quiet spot and the cheapest one online, the hosts were friendly and we managed to get a private room for a great price. We also went to the outdoor cinema night held multiple times a week, they sold popcorn and kombucha so it made for a nice night!

And that was our time in Minca. If you love being outside of the mayhem, the freedom to just walk in any direction and cheap food. Minca is a great spot to visit. As ridiculous as it sounds, I truly felt like this town had great energy, I felt so content as I lived my simple life here for the week.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! A little late as I have a back log of posts to get out, but I am having a great time writing them. My most recent one was a look into Nicaragua, it’s history and the poverty caused. A really interesting read, especially if you want to spend some time travelling there.


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