are people in hostels.. assholes?

So, I previously wrote a blog post about those lovely people who chose to have sex in hostel dorms. But then it came to me, after another terrible nights sleep.

Everyone who stays in a hostel is an asshole.

‘How is this possible?’ You ask.


But man, I am at the end of it. I don’t know if it is because these last five months have broken me down into nothing but a weak human. But god damn, why are people who stay in hostels so bad at staying in hostels?

Last night the guy in my room turned the light on at 1am, 5am and 7am to RIP A BONG… IN THE ROOM.

Is this some sort of sick joke? Are you 14 years old? Why are you doing this to me? If you want to rip a bong then fine, do what you want, but for the love of god why are you turning the light on? And maybe, wild idea here, but leave the room?

Not so long ago we had another person who would not stop talking and then spent the whole night just sitting on his bed, staring out into the room. Then getting up every thirty minutes to go in and out of the room. Creepy was an understatement.

And apparently no one knows how to whisper. I can not tell you the amount of times I have woken up to people just talking. People coming back from a night out and talking at 1am OR people leaving for their stupid hike at 4am. TALKING.

What to know what is worse? Sometimes they speak, on the phone. Like they’re staying in a private room and their aren’t five other sleeping bodies next to them. Well, here is the thing buddy, YOU AIN’T. If you wanna talk on the phone at four in the morning be my guest but leave the room, sweet lord.


Okay, it is not your fault. But fuck I hate you guys. At least let me fall asleep before you you know. Or give out courtesy ear plugs.

And the people who have sex.. but I already have a whole post dedicated to that so I won’t start again.

As I right this, I realise. I am also an asshole because I hate all these people (lol). But when I stay in a hostel I do everything in my power to not wake people up, I move my zipper at 1MPH so the noise won’t wake anyone, I wouldn’t dream of turning on the light if someone is in bed, I will refrain from speaking unless I really have to. I am an angel, truth be told.

I swear to god, every time we book into a dorm it is a matter of: what kind of asshole will we get this time?

And that folks, was another complaining post from, yours truly, Grace Flowers. If you enjoy my moans, feel free to email me (gsl.zek@gmail.com) any topics and I can guarantee I can write 500 words on why it sucks. It is a truly special gift I have. On a side note, if you stay in a hostel, from the hours of 11pm-9pm just, like, don’t make any noise? My previous blog post was about my time in Panama and Costa Rica. 

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