one week in Cartagena

Our time in Cartagena was broken up as we took a trip to Minca in the middle. We flew into the city, spent three days, had a week in Minca and then came back for another four days in Cartagena.

The world’s hottest city. At least that is what it felt like. It was an incredibly beautiful city that I loved to walk around, however, I never wanted to leave the room because it was so hot outside. Walking around was painful and you couldn’t really enjoy the sights with sweat trickling down your back.

The first hostel we stayed at was Wonderland Hostel which was really close to the airport, hence our choice for when we arrived. It also had a pool, AC in the evening and a free breakfast. I would’ve spent all our time here, because the pool made it heavenly, however, it was an long was out of the city center and we both wanted to experience a few days in the tourist mayhem. We then stayed at Dora Hostel which was kindly bought for us as a gift for my birthday. Meaning we got a private room with AC instead of a dorm. The private room was really nice except some mornings they would turn on the music right outside the room so we would wake up to Bruno Mars screaming about how much he loves me. This hostel was right in Getsemani, the main tourist hub so it was interesting to experience this area.

Getsemani was a pretty intense area. There were a lot of people on the streets selling fruit, art, bracelets, cigarettes, weed, cocaine.. anything. Anything you want these guys will get you, well, at least that is the impression they give off. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this area because of that, you couldn’t sit out on a patio with a drink without several, and I mean several, people coming up to you and trying to sell you something. Namely, drugs. Outside of all of that there were a lot of nice restaurants, the opportunity to find cheap food was limited, but possible.

The walled city was my favourite to walk around. It seemed more ‘fancier’ with old brick buildings. Walking along the wall was really awesome, although immensely uncomfortable in the sun.  We watched a couple of really nice sunsets off the wall as well, which was very nice. On one day we were feeling brave and walked to the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, a really incredible building, although we didn’t pay to get in (COL$25,000).

We found an incredible restaurant called Restaurante Vegetariano Girasoles  where they did a lunch menu of the day, a two course meal with a drink for COL$12,9000 and it was really delicious with seitan meat. I also came across a big love here which is cherry lemonade, every place was selling it so I managed to consume my fair share of that too.

We also watched the Superbowl which was really awesome to watch because the half time show had a massive Latin American influence and with Shakira from Colombia, it was really awesome to be surrounded to people who were loving it.

one week in cartagena

That was our time in Cartagena! It was brief but definitely enough for myself, it is a really great city and I love how it boards with the ocean and beach. We then took a 24 hour bus ride to Bogota. This was not our original plan , however, we got a volunteering opportunity close to Bogota so we decided to change what we originally set out to do. My previous blog posts are why are people in hostels assholes?   and one week in Minca, Colombia. 

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